Lainie’s Day 6-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]

Lainie’s Day 6-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]
July 10, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Day 6 –

Mom & Son In the Moment -The Jungle Nature Project

This is Lainie’s diary of Day 6. To read more about this project, be sure to read the project overview.

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7:08 AM – Early morning, loud rain, wet air, yet it’s still magic to me.

8:20 – Relaxing in the hammock. All is good.

8:45 – Escalated to bumper hammocks, and Miro went down with a laugh and a thump!

10:35- Caught this leaf tagging along in peace.

11:22 – Rush hour on the Amazon.

12:07 – I don’t have to know what’s around the corner. Happy being here now.

1:05 – Patterns, lines and compositions everywhere in nature.

4:34 – Captured the Amazon perfection in silhouette.

This project made possible through collaboration with the folks from  Rainforest ExpeditionsTo learn more about their lodges, expeditions and tours in Peru’s beautiful Amazon jungle located in both Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata National Reserve, please visit their web site.

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