Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Seti Gershberg [VIDEO]

Interview with Documentary Filmmaker Seti Gershberg [VIDEO]
June 11, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Shamanism, ancient wisdom, and sacred plants

On a beautiful Cusquenian morning, I was honored to sit down with documenatary filmmaker, Seti Gershberg and ask him about his latest project, life and inspiration. I met Seti here in Cusco, and have been following his project for several months. Seti has been living and studying with two of the indigenous groups of Peru for almost two years. His experiences have been preserved in his latest documentary film project called  The Path of the Sun.

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This project has caught my attention for more than one reason: 

First, Seti has lived, studied and practiced with the leaders of  Q’ero community, an Andean peoples who believe they are the direct descendants of the Inca. The Q’eros are known for their ancient knowledge and believe they are the  keepers of ritual and ceremonial practices of the past.

Seti has also worked with a number of Curanderos from several areas within the Peruvian Amazon.  He has explored the jungle communities in Pucallpa, Puerto Moldando and Manu. His investigation has taken him into the rituals surrounding ancient plant medicines, including ayahuasca  which is believed  to cure illnesses and addictions, heal mental distress and provide personal growth.

Both communities have preserved their connection to spirit, energy and drawing upon the ancient knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

“What value does shamanism offer the global community in the 21st century?”

But the main reason I was so excited to sit down and talk to Seti about his project, was that he is committed to living, exploring and pursuing his inner passions driven by inspiration.

Seti left his lucrative-conventional life in Chicago to follow his path. He explores Peru’s native ancient traditions on a quest for  positive growth with a focus on both personal and universal transformations. Seti’s film seeks to answer the question, “what value does shamanism offer the global community in the 21st century?”  Through the documentary viewers are guided through the mysteries and rituals exposing the ancient knowledge contained within.  This, Seti Gershberg believes, is indeed the path to the sun.

Seti Gershberg

SetiSeti Gershberg, an anthropologist, filmmaker, photographer and student of shamanism originally hails from New York.  He moved to Chicago in 1999 and quickly became established as a featured video artist and photographer in the city’s thriving electronic music and emerging art scene.  Gershberg, a former artist in residence at the The Chicago Art Department,  performed with musicians at numerous festivals including Lollapalloza where he and Dj Mixmaster Mike from the Beastie Boys collaborated.

The Path to the Sun is a feature length film, now in post production. The film explores shamanism, ancient wisdom and sacred plants. The documentary seeks to  answer the question “what value does shamanism have for the global community in the 21st century?” The documentary will be released to film festivals around the world beginning in the Fall of 2013. More information about the film can be found at and on Facebook

Other Inspiring Souls

As Miro and I have traveled throughout Latin America, we continue to seek out others who are living thier inspiration and Seti is certainly an example of that. Here are other inspirational people we’ve met on our travels: 

Chris, who walked from Los Angeles to Brazil, meditating on the prayers of others

Alisha, who dedicated one year to serve humanity traveling from Ecuador, India, Uganda to work with children

Diego, who dedicated his life to the children on the street of Nicaragua and opened up a school for clowning, street performance and juggling creating an international theater group

Ainara, who for almost  two years traveled through Central and South America seeking out stories of happiness and filming their stories for her documentary on Latin America

Chris, who gave up his comfortble life in Atlanta, Georgia to live his dream: guiding motorcycle tours in Guatemala

Roxanne, who traveled to 12 countries designing programs for women in conflict zones

Jamie, who has been traveling around the globe on his bicycle for over 10 years,  spreading a message of peace and hope. Remarkably, Jamie traveled on a tandem-style bicycle, inviting people to join him on the journey and filming their encounters.

Peder, a former millionaire-entrepreneur who settled in Nicaragua and started social programs for the poor, a school, a shelter, a soup kitchen and a museum. He now lives  his life in service



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