Lainie’s Day 4-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]

Lainie’s Day 4-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]
July 8, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Day 4 –

Mom & Son In the Moment -The Jungle Nature Project

This is Lainie’s diary of Day 4. To read more about this project, be sure to read the project overview.

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5:05 – Very early in the morning, feeling groggy, but the opportunity to see the macaws is powering my movements. We stop as we wait instructions before embarking on our short journey.

6:20 Must have patience at the clay lick. My heart is warmed as I see the kids with binoculars as if at a sporting event.

7:30 – Lines of anxious travelers sit in waiting for the birds to feast, as their patience are tested.

7:54 – Delighted to see a young explorer studying her birds. Nature is entertaining!

8:29 – The shore offers much to observe, appreciating the overwhelming beauty inside and out.

8:49 – The sustenance of life, otherwise known as breakfast. Today’s feast includes yoghurts and juices.

9:50 – A curled up sleeping ball of a child brings a smile to my face. It’s been a long morning and his slumber is well deserved.

11:05 – I too, appreciate the beautiful room to retreat to. Rest is on my schedule.

1:10 – Evidence of our morning hike, drying socks against the jungle background seem so natural.

2:01 – Just beyond the lobby, several butterflies converge. They appear to be deep in conversation. I listen in.

3:04 – The afternoon hike will commence, my son demonstrates ninja moves to the other explorer children. Perfect skills for the jungle.

4:20 – So in the moment, blessed to have captured my son’s amazement, his presence, those instances in the jungle that will be long lost.

5:15 – The jungle provides: A natural dye, blue in color, gooey and inviting us to play.

6:07 – Magical roots, jungle composition of lines and texture. The beauty is astounding.

7:01 – The cycle of life new growth in the dead leaves. There are treats everywhere in the jungle, even in the ground covering.

7:45 – Dinner tonight starts with a fresh salad. Yes.

This project made possible through collaboration with the folks from  Rainforest ExpeditionsTo learn more about their lodges, expeditions and tours in Peru’s beautiful Amazon jungle located in both Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata National Reserve, please visit their web site.


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