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    Worldschooling – TEDx talk – Making The World Our Classroom

    October 18th, 2017

    Miro & Lainie talk about Worldschooling at the TEDx Conference in Amsterdam

    After a month of preparation, crazy travel plans and lots of rehearsal, here is our TEDx Ed talk Miro and I delivered on April 20th, in Amsterdam.

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    Can Your Life Path Number Determine Your Educational Success

    September 19th, 2017


    In numerology, there are certain numbers that are considered important in terms of your destiny. One of these is known as your life path number. Also known as a destiny number, this is made up from the numbers in your date of birth. Your birth date is, of course, very important when it comes to numerology and by adding the numbers of your date of birth together, you can come up with your destiny number.

    You may have heard about these numbers on channels such as Fox News. Some believe that your destiny number can play a big part in your future success including your educational achievement. Given the amount of debt many people get into to study at university, it is not surprising that we all want to succeed although you can help to cut the cost of your borrowing by finding the best student loan refinance rates. So, can your destiny number give you more of an idea whether you will succeed at university?

    What does it all mean?

    So, what is your life path number all about? Well, the numbers that are used in this process run from 1-9 and your number is thought to impact on many things, such as your nature, what you are capable of achieving, your relationships, and your educational success. So, let’s take a look at a quick overview of the different life path numbers:

    • 1: If you have this number, you have natural leadership skills and plenty of independence. You have ambition and want to be an achiever. You also like to be in control and enjoy being creative.
    • 2: This number is associated with peace. You are the king of person that likes to listen and help people. Diplomacy is a strong skill as is the ability to reason with others. A creature of habit, you like to have routines in place.
    • 3: Creativity is key for those with this number. If this is your number, you will enjoy arts, writing, and dramatic arts. You are good at solving problems and always tend to look on the bright side of things.
    • 4: This number is linked to practicality and organization. If this is your number, you are idealistic and practical but also very committed and a high achiever.
    • 5: With this number, the chances are that you are keen to progress. You like to see justice done in the world but can be quite skeptical. A little on the eccentric side at times, you love a little adventure but your focus is on the wellbeing of other people.
    • 6: People with this number tend to be very paternal or maternal. Kind, honest, and domesticated are some of the traits that others will see in you. You like comfort, having others around you, and embracing the happiness of others.
    • 7: Perfection is important to you if you have this as your destiny number. You like to analyze things but you can also be quite spiritual. You have strong emotions but are good at guiding others. This number is linked to strong leadership skills and loyalty.
    • 8: If you have this number, then you are a hard worker with plenty of ambition and drive. Leadership comes naturally to you and your career is very important. Although you are sensitive you can make the mistake of looking for material happiness rather than spiritual.
    • 9: This is the most emotional number so you will have a range of strong emotions. This includes compassion for others. You are also intellectual and deep, which can make you quite intriguing to others.

    As you can see, some of the qualities associated with different numbers are qualities that are essential for educational success. This includes ambition, hard working, analytical, organized, and practical. If your life path number is one of these that includes these qualities, further education could be the ideal choice for you.

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    Most Popular Worldschool Questions Answered

    January 26th, 2017

    Worldschooling? Can anyone do it? What are the benefits of worldschooling?
    Over the years, I’ve answered these questions over and over, in both interviews, presentations and in person. In invite you to read my thoughts below. If you have  any questions you want answered about worldschool, please send me a message and I’m happy to answer your questions.

    What is your personal definition of worldschooling?

    For me, the broad definition of worldschooling is experiencing the world as your classroom. With that are lots of subtle differences to just unschooling, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

    As a worldschooler, you can do whatever helps you access that place inside of you, inside the learner to create learning moments.. You can live a stationary life, in your home country, but consciously invite in elements & experiences of a global nature into your lives.

    You can be an expat living in a foreign country or be a traveler or any type. The thing that travel provides that general unschooling does not provide is seamless exposure to new things, which inspires learning which can be in many forms.

    As travelers, we look at the subtle and not so subtle differences of the world around us, and by the nature of it being new, and as a worldschooler, constantly stimulated by the outside world, the internal world is automatically inspired to be conscious and present. Similar to unschoolers who trust the process, they know that learning is happening and do see it in may aspects of the learners lives. However in my experinece, worldschoolers are actively engaged in the learning 24/7 since it’s partially survival as we strive to make sense and understand the world around us and know more, ask questions and research and partially the nature of travel, meaning that it doesn’t feel like “learning” it feels like traveling instead.

    The final bit to the puzzle that in my experience is the key, is that through worldschooling I finally am present in my life and with my son. I no longer move through the day based on schedules or routines. No longer am I preoccupied with getting checks in the mail, picking up my son from school on time, taking the dogs out, making play dates or any of the other numerous responsibilities that once occupied my mind, removing me from experiencing whatever I was doing. For me, travel was my formula to stay present. I am not saying travel or worldschooling is the only way to be present, I’m saying it was my way.

    Can an individual worldschool without being an unschooler? Can traditionally educated students also worldschool?

    Yes. I feel more than anything else, the intentionality to learn, inspired by the world, the eyes to notice the newness, the differences and similarities, the culture, politics, history, the ecological, geological and environmental and more are all aspects of worldschooling. Sometimes people need travel to give themselves permission to do those things. However, no matter how you slice it, it’s natural self-directed learner-driven learning with a dash of intentionality and presence.



    What are some of the benefits, in your opinion, of worldschooling?

    Besides the feeling of being connected to one’s own internal ability to learn in real time, the consciousness of it really, the love of learning is absolutely experienced through worldschooling. As an unschooler who worldschools, I can see in real-time, learning that covers every single academic subject (language, arts, history, science, etc.) expected for a young learner to learn. Additionally, I also see so many experiential “soft skills” being honed in through travel. Examples run far and wide, but consider learning patience, teamwork, leadership, service, compassion, critical thinking, problem solving, self reliance, vast social interaction with people of all ages and walks of life, being able to have a voice to advocate for themselves, etc.

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    About the Outline -TEDx Prep!

    April 18th, 2016

    Miro and I were invited to give a talk at the TEDx Ed Conference in Amsterdam. We said “yes!”  Below you will find a post written by our teen intern, Katie Mitchell, who is traveling with us and helping out Miro and I for a period of 6 months with Project World School.  Here’s her first post on the preparation process:


    By Katie Mitchell

    Outlines. We all hate writing them, but we’re all grateful for them in the end.

    It’s no different for the outline of a TEDx Talk.

    Miro and Lainie had over a month to write their first draft of their speech outline. In this month they’ve hosted a retreat in the jungle, where internet was almost non-existent, and moved from Mexico to Peru. We were also planning upcoming retreats and business ventures whilst they tried to write this outline. Every minute possible there were TED talks playing from their computers; researching. What do they do when there are 2 speakers? What about when it’s just a kid?

    March 29th the first draft of their outline was due to their coach. They were full of questions during the coaching session, and he was fantastic.


    Q. (Lainie) Should we write an outline, or a full script?

    A. Everybody goes about it differently, do whatever feels most comfortable to you. Some people write it all out, some people write it down once and that’s all they need.

    Q. (Lainie) What I’m nervous about is not making it about us. All the articles I’ve read say to not make it about us, to make it about the bigger scheme of things.

    A. Watch Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford. Your stories can be about you, about your travels, or an anecdote. How do you want people to feel? How can the listeners benefit from your lessons? Drench the talk in a central theme. Make the theme in the title. What will the take away of the talk be?

    Q. (Lainie) Is our backstory necessary?

    A. Yes, my first question reading it is where’s the depth? How’d you come up with this?

    Q. (Coach) What is the take home message?

    A. Maybe the fact that learning is a lifelong experience, it doesn’t end when you leave the traditional school setting, you don’t need someone teaching you in order to learn. Also, you’re empowered to learn.

    His Advice:

    • The problem with two people on stage isn’t who will be speaking, it’s with the person that isn’t speaking! What should they do, how should they act?
    • Danger of the talk is making it too dreamland, add some difficulties. Make it more human. Real life lessons they’ve learned. Weave it into the talk. Talk about successes and failures.
    • If you want to be associated with a word or concept, repeat it a few times. Explain it.
    • Minimize the amount of slides/the use of slides. Use big pictures. Make it really simple. Slides aren’t there to bring across the content of your story, the slides are there to bring across the emotion of the content of your story.

    They had to opportunity to talk with Jerry Michalski and get his help, too!

    Jerry gave a TedXCopenhagen Talk back in 2012 about trust in the school systems. Check it out here:

    He also had some advice:

    • You don’t have to actually write a speech after the outline! Do what you always do to memorize  talk for a conference.
    • Tell stories. Tell stories about what touched you on your travels, the big turning points, and the funny moments. Become okay with being vulnerable.
    • Have fun! You’re fun people!

    So now what?

    A slide show, a story brainstorming session (or 5!) to figure out which of their many stories from 7 years of travel will make the cut, and actually rehearsing the speech. 

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    Overdue update From Lima, Peru!

    April 5th, 2016

    Hello from Lima, Peru!

    Greetings & hoping everyone is happy and healthy!

    Miro and I have been a little absent from our blog lately but we wanted to share what has been keeping us so busy: Project World School. Below is an update written for our latest Project World School newsletter:

    Project World School has been very busy in 2016 and the year just got started! Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve been up to:  We have hosted a Family World Schooling Summit, a 22-day Mexico Teen Retreat, and a 13-day Amazon Jungle Retreat, all within the past 3 months!

    However, there is no time to rest, we have so much happening in 2016.


    Cusco / Machu Picchu 25-Day Teen Learning Community

    Our most popular retreat is happening again for the fourth time since we founded Project World School!

    We are so excited about this year, as we have so much in planned, adventures and excursions, classes and explorations. We can’t wait to welcome a new group to Cusco, the place Miro and I consider home.  The retreat runs this year from June 27th-July 24th.

    As always, we are excited to build a temporary learning community with a new group of teens in this magical place. Like all of the retreats we’ve produced in 2016, we suspect this retreat will sell out too. We have filled up 6 of spaces (not including Katie our teen intern and Miro) and we can accommodate only 4 more people.  If you know a teen who would like to join us, please get your application in soon! If you submit an application before April 15th, we are offering a $251 discount from the current price. Simply enter the code “ILOVEMACHUPICCHU ” with your application and the discount will be honored.
    Submit your TEEN Application Here. 

    This is a special offer. To qualify for $251 discount, (equal to the early bird price) Please use code “ILOVEMACHUPICCHU”  BEFORE APRIL 15, 2016. 


    Wales – Organic Farming, Natural Building, Off the Grid Living – 27 Day Teen Learning Community


    Does living off the grid and getting dirty in the Welsh country side sound rewarding to you? It sure does to us! This special learning community Wales retreat runs from August 18 to September 13th of this year.  In partnership with our host Troed y Rhiw Farm, a high-producing small scale organic farm, we will build a small roundhouse (cob house), work the fields, plant and harvest and  learn the principles of sustainability. Together, we will get dirty, tend bees, forage for wild food, cook fantastic fresh meals harvested by our community while being inspired by the great tradition of Welsh storytelling. Join us for this magical adventure, a life changing experience full of skill building and memories!

    Submit your TEEN Application Here. 

    Save the date: November 2106, we will be hosting a 25 day teen retreat in Thailand. Details to be released in May.


    TEDx Talk in Amsterdam

    Guess who were approached to speak at the TEDx Education Conference in April, 2016? We were! Miro and I are traveling all the way over to the Netherlands in late April to speak about WORLDSCHOOLING! Our presentation promises to be the conference’s “wild card” challenging the very definition of what education actually is. We will invite the audience to  focus on “learning” instead of schooling and suggest that the world around is the greatest classroom. We know this first hand and every teen that joins us on a retreat knows it too.

    We have been blessed to have a teen intern, Katie Mitchell traveling with us since January, helping us out with the Project World School retreats. She’ll continue to travel with us until July of this year. Since we had no idea we’d be invited to Amsterdam until a couple of weeks ago, Katie didn’t have time to prepare for this budget expense in advance.

    Therefore, we are fundraising to be able to help buy Katie’s flight and to cover some of the travel related expenses. Help us get Katie to Amsterdam!

    Ever wonder what goes into preparing for a TED talk? Katie will be covering the process from the inside-out. She’ll be writing about it and sharing on the Project World School blog and her personal blog.

    Project World School TEDx Talk Fund

    If you can help, even just a little, we’d be forever grateful. Another way you can help is sharing our fundraising efforts. Thank you all so very much!

    All support helps us get there in order to better reach the world and spread the word about worldschooling.


    Later in 2016, Lainie & Miro will be speaking at the following conferences:

    Life Without Instructions – NYC /NJ – September 19-22, 2016

    Un in the Sun – St. Petes, Florida – October 3 – 6 (a video from last year’s talk can beaccessed here.)

    edNext: New Spaces in Education – Bali, Indonesia – October 15-16 (To be confirmed)


    Project World School Family Summit, Mexico

    Our first ever Project World School Family Summit was a crazy success. It was hosted in Puerto Morelos, Mexico from February 1st-5th in the town center and at their Casa Ejidal hall. We had over 30 families attend, and over 150 people joined us all together in the 5 days. The speakers spoke about Unschooling, Worldschooling, parenting, and much more! There was also a Kids Camp set up for the 60+ children in attendance, hosted by our intern, Katie Mitchell, and six other teen volunteers. The kids and teens alike had a wonderful time playing at the beach, face painting, and playing games to their hearts content.


    Mexico Teen Retreat

    The first ever Mexico Teen Retreat was a fun-loving 3 weeks filled with incredible teens on the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen. The group of 12 toured ruins, swam in ancient cenotes, built a kick-ass community, and volunteered with multiple companies. We went forward with the intention to learn all we could from the rich culture around us, and were rewarded tenfold.

    Drawing by Erin Azcona-Beam, one of our fabulous teen participants 

    The teens got to learn to cook a traditional Mexican meal from an abuela in the area, and ate tacos until they couldn’t eat any more. At the end of the retreat, we visited Isla Mujeres and got to relax on the beaches while sipping Agua de Chaya and celebrating the world around us. The teens went home with a new travel family, and most parted with words of returning for another retreat.  Want more? Check out  the gallery of photos here.


    Amazon Jungle Retreat

    6 years ago, Miro and I partnered with Rainforest Expeditions for a blog project and spent 10 wonderful days with them and learned all about the Amazon jungle.  This year, we partnered with them again for a Project World School retreat. During the 13 day retreat, our group bounced between 2 of their 3 luxurious lodges up and down the river, the furthest being 4 hours away from the nearest town. We saw 6 of the 7 species of monkeys in this national reserve, we saw peccaries, millipedes, frogs, snakes, and our fair share of mosquitos. We experienced a boat rescue, a true rainforest storm, sat in on Macaw chick monitoring sessions, and so much more! We had participants of all ages joining us on this retreat as well, all the way from 12 years old to 69 years old. The combination of the humidity, mosquitos, and early wake up calls made this a much more challenging retreat, but also one of our most rewarding ones to date!  Check out the photos from the retreat here and keep monitoring the Project World School blog for posts and updates.


    Well, that’s it, not as brief as we’d hoped, but as always feel free to drop us a line should you have any questions!
    Until then, happy trails!!
    Lainie + Miro
    Project World School International Teen Retreats
    Will you join us?

    Project World School partnership:


    For the Love of Learning – The Many Facets of SelfDesign – Epi#42

    December 14th, 2015

    Show Title:

    For the Love of Learning Episode 42

    The Many Facets of SelfDesign

    Monday December 7, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
    Tuesday December 8, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Clarissa Tufts
    River Meyer
    David Marshak
    Monica Cochran


    “All children are born geniuses, but are swiftly de-geniused by their elder’s harsh or dull dismissal of the child’s intuitive sense of what could be relevant. Children spontaneously weigh all information from their immediate experience and try to relate it to other experiences of some time before. The incipient geniuses must somehow weather, year after year, the barrage of admonitions to ignore what they spontaneously think, instead of only paying attention to what others think and are trying to teach.”

    ~Buckminster Fuller

    What is SelfDesign and how does it work?

    SelfDesign is centered on the understanding that everyone has the capacity to author their own lives from a place of resourcefulness, creativity, and possibility. SelfDesign reverses the approach that traditional education takes. SelfDesign starts with the learner and focuses on what the learner wishes to learn rather than what the educator believes the student should learn. SelfDesign creates the foundation to support the learner in ways they learn most efficiently focusing on the “why” and “how” versus the content.

    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Clarissa Tufts

    Clarissa Tufts, MA in SelfDesign

    ClarissaProgram Coordinator & Family Liaison, SelfDesign Learning Community
    Since joining the SelfDesign community in 2006, Clarissa has worked as a Learning Consultant and program coordinator in the areas of teacher and program evaluation, professional development and family support services. She is inspired by and honoured to continue working with colleagues and home-learning families in the support of a natural unfolding of each child’s potential. Clarissa explores this concept daily with her husband and 9 year-old daughter.
    Working one-on-one with ESL students in 2000 set Clarissa on the path of wanting to support children and youth as they explore their own unique learning journey. Since then, and after completing a teaching degree in 2003 from UBC, Clarissa has worked in a variety of educational settings both in British Columbia and in Zacatecas, Mexico. Experience teaching and assisting in various subject areas, age groups and methodological settings, and most recently completing her Masters of Arts in SelfDesign from the SelfDesign Graduate Institute in August, 2015, allows Clarissa to draw from eclectic experiences, mentors and resources in her work with families in SDLC.

    River Meyer

    River Meyer, M.A.
    Executive Coordinator of Learning Relationships, Family & Learner Community Development, Vision of SelfDesign

    RiverRiver has been a SelfDesign Learning Community educational consultant for contractors and families since 2004, with a current focus as coordinator of vision, learning relationships, family & community development for the SelfDesign Learning Foundation (BC). She co-authored the SelfDesign book with Brent Cameron, founder of SelfDesign, and she is the creator of A SelfDesigning Path (webcourse) and A Learning Journey for Parents of Children with Special Needs (webcourse). Presently she is a board member of the SelfDesign Foundation (US) and is on the faculty of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. She brings forty years experience in family support services related to child development, special needs children and their families, abuse/neglect work, court advocacy and custody determinations for minors, therapeutic family work, and mediation.

    River currently lives in Nelson, BC. She is the parent of Lia, a delightful 19-year-old who has graduated from SelfDesign and is currently designing her life from a place of passion and curiosity, as many selfdesigners do.

    David Marshak

    David Marshak
    President, SelfDesign Graduate Institute

    davidmarshakDavid Marshak is the founding president of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. David helped to found an independent high school, taught in a public high school, developed curriculum for the Unitarian Universalist Association, and helped to lead a public school district in Vermont. He taught at Seattle University for 14 years and is an emeritus professor there. He is the author of many books and articles, including The Common Vision: Parenting and Educating for Wholeness and Evolutionary Parenting.

    Monica Cochran

    Monica Cochran M.Ed.

    Director of SelfDesign Global Learning Programs & Learning Circles

    MonicaMonica has served in many different roles since joining SelfDesign in 2007. Along with her work with SelfDesign Global, she is currently also a Special Ed Administrator for SelfDesign Learning Community and involved in a few pilot projects. She has worked with children and adults of all ages in a variety of educational and business settings for over 40 years. She worked in and served on the boards of a number of alternative schools her children attended. Also, she home-educated two of her own children and worked with other home educating families at Clonlara School of Ann Arbor, Michigan for more than 10 years. Monica loves to help people discover how they learn best to become lifelong learners. She consults with those who have special needs, to help them make the transition into adult learning settings. She has vast experience in helping people of all ages enjoy learning.

    Monica earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh in child development and early childhood education, a Master’s Degree from Eastern Michigan University in special education, and Montessori Certification from the American Montessori Society. Since 1997, following her youngest son’s auto accident, she has also been active in helping him and other survivors of traumatic brain injuries redesign their lives.





    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    For full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

    Find us on facebook: For-the-Love-of-Learning-Voices-of-the-Alternative-Education-Movement

    For comments, questions, suggestions or if you’d like to be guest on the show, please contact us here.


    For the Love of Learning – Holistic Education – Epi#41

    December 3rd, 2015

    For the Love of Learning Episode 41


    Show Title:

    For the Love of Learning Episode 41

    Holistic Education

    Monday November 30, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
    Tuesday December 1, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Blackhorse Shasta
    Manuel Fritzenwallner
    Amy Wentworth


    In this episode we explore what it means to educate the whole person through the practice of holistic education.

    Holistic education encourages  deep explorations into student’s unique intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.

    Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace. In many cases, holistic education includes exploration of  core academic topics, but there is something deeper added to the mix. An integrated approach of mind, body spirit that is overlooked by many conventional institutions.

    Robin Ann Martin describes holistic education by stating, “At its most general level, what distinguishes holistic education from other forms of education are its goals, its attention to experiential learning, and the significance that it places on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment.”

    Tonight we will be exploring these goals, relationships and values within holistic education with an extraordinary panel.

    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Blackhorse Shasta

    BlackhorseBlackhorse Shasta (AKA William Weishampel) is the visionary founder and executive director of Circle of Children. He has been directing a diverse array of experiential programs for the past 8 years. His work includes community building, volunteer coordinating, program design and development, networking, fundraising and the onsite management of the 60 acres of land on Triangle Lake where Circle of Children has its home. The experiential programs he creates for Circle of Children inspire teens, young adults, parents and teachers to rethink the current paradigms of education.

    Manuel Fritzenwallner

    ManuelEducation begins at home. Manuel chose to be born and raised in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, cradled by a family deeply devoted to natural healing and working professionally in geomancy, alternative sports therapy, nutritional counseling and quantum healing. His love of science and engineering was fostered by his grandfather, a master mechanic and his family of race car drivers.

    Manuel attended school in Bavaria and received specialized training in natural sciences, technology, machining and engineering, as well as nutrition, carpentry and Alpine outdoor education. Despite the seemingly solid foundation of his upbringing he was disenchanted with the limited perceptions of traditional schooling. He left Germany in 2002 determined to find a more complete system of education and the answers to the big questions.

    Immersed in the school of life, Manuel spent twelve years traveling the world learning from mystics, native tribes, ancient civilizations and pioneers in health and technology. Through daily cultivation of a harmonic lifestyle Manuel rapidly developed skills and techniques for a higher quality of life than he had ever known. The results were so profound and self evident he was continually asked to share his experience of inner light cultivation, self-healing and self-mastery.

    In 2009, during one of his South American journeys Taoist Master Lin Chow Liang (Taiwan and Argentina) initiated him and blessed his life’s work to share these teachings. Thus began the development of The Heaven on Earth  and the founding of the Holistic Science Institute.

    As a Taoist, geomancer, holistic health and Qui Gong practitioner Manuel embodies the art of harmonic living. He walks as a steward of the Earth to serve the Tao and inspire others to discover their own infinite potential.

    Amy Wentworth

    AmyAmy Wentworth, the younger group Teacher at School Around Us, has been teaching since 1995 and has a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning. She is certified to teach children K-8th grade. She has been teaching at SAU since 1997 and during this time she has taught both the younger and middle group of students.
    Amy’s passion is being a teacher, she cannot imagine herself doing anything else. She believes that through teaching one can help change the world. Amy tries to create a learning environment that is from her heart. One in which the children become empowered through designing their own learning and being active participants in the school and greater community. She loves the magic of childhood and how children remind her of the beauty in the world. She has strong environmental interests and it is her intention to help children develop a deep love for the Earth through authentic experiences.

    She is a dedicated teacher to the school. She went to the School Around Us as a child and her son Alexander went there for his elementary schooling. There are times that SAU feels like it is in her blood! Additionally, she believes in the consensus process and sees how it has the potential to create peace in the school and the world. Amy is inspired by the whole idea that a group of people can work together for the good of the group rather than just for themselves.

    In addition to her love of holistic education she loves gardening with her husband, Nate, being creative, taking walks in nature, hanging out with friends and dancing her heart out. Amy also enjoys working with others to do great things. She feels revived by the energy she gets from invigorating conversations, group action and the creative power of many minds working together.

    School Around Us is situated on several acres of beautiful wooded land with a stream and trails running throughout. The teachers use this outdoor classroom often, as we truly believe that our school is all around us.

    The School Around Us is a holistic learning community. We encourage the growth of mind, body, heart and spirit in a balanced K-8 academic program. Founded in 1970, we have been a state-approved independent school. Our 8:1 student/teacher ratio enables cooperation, self-direction and consensus in our classes. Innovative teaching, creative arts, parent and community involvement make our school unique.




    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    For full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

    Find us on facebook: For-the-Love-of-Learning-Voices-of-the-Alternative-Education-Movement

    For comments, questions, suggestions or if you’d like to be guest on the show, please contact us here.

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    Lainie interviews Bolivian Author G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri about the Mystical Side of Bolivia [VIDEO]

    December 3rd, 2015

    For those of you that have been following our journey over the last six and a half years, you know I’m fascinated by the alternative researchers, archeology, history, anomalies and the ancient alien theories. Although I have no idea what the actual truth is, I’ve been enthralled by topics along those lines and have been inspired to go deeper, ask more questions and explore into the unknown.

    Most of all, I’ve learned how to keep an open mind, not judge any piece of information and simply integrate that into my growing knowledge base of possibilities. One of the greatest gifts this journey has afforded me is the flexibility to say “I don’t know what the truth is, and that’s ok.”.

    It is from this perspective, I ask questions, dive deeper into the rabbit hole and find myself not with answers, but with more questions.

    This is an interview I did with a Bolivian researcher and author I met by chance, on our recent trip to Bolivia. We hope you listen with an open mind.

    Below this video, you will find information from show notes page from Conscious Consumer Network, where the interview originally aired. You will find information about Antonio’s books, links to his web site and more.



    Lainie Liberti interviews G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri


    From Antonio Portugal Alvizuri.

    “I have a message for you and for human kind: We are not alone. We have not been alone.  Ancient sites present clear evidence of advanced thinking and engineering.

    But most of all I have had experiences that proved me that we are not alone and that we, as humans, have a mission.

    Our mission is related to our lives, our existence, and our civilizations.Whether you believe what I am writing or not, there is a sense of purpose in the life of every living being.

    We, as the dominant species on earth have a duty toward Nature, The Animal Kingdom and our fellow humans.

    Progress is made by knowledge but also by wisdom. The wisdom of finding value in love, kindness, respect and harmony with Nature and every living being.

    We are called to promote such balance and such harmony. If you believe your existence can influence reality, society, your family, your friends, your peers, then indeed you can.

    All you need is believe that you can and just seek to be a better human being in the widest sense of the word.

    Seek to be a good son/daughter, a good father/mother, a good human being, seek to live loyal to your heart and seek to help and be of service to you, your fellows and protect mother nature and the animal kingdom.

    If you do that, besides living a life with purpose, you will be impacting your surroundings.

    And I in the name of those who can not speak, in the name of those who can speak and are not listened, in the name of those who exist but are not seen, I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Because my interest is nothing but your well being.

    You don’t need to believe a word of my experiences and my message….you only have to perceive it and feel it in your heart.

    The message I have can be listen, but most of all, has to be felt.”

    ~Antonio Portugal Alvizuri.

    Lainie Liberti interviews G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri specifically about his experiences shared in two of his books, In Contact with the Grand Masters and Pakari the Andean Giant.  Antonio’s words come from the heart and his story is fascinating to say the least.  

    We sincerely hope you enjoy this interview.

    More information about all of his books can be found below. 


    Antionio talks about the Secret Tunnels under Lake Titicaca in Bolivia


    Secret Tunnels of the Titicaca is a lively and fascinating testimony of the discovery of the largest and deepest pre-Columbian tunnel ever found beneath Lake Titicaca, on the unusual circumstances surrounding its discovery and on the strange beings of light that forbid disclosing its exact location but instead make other many revelations. We will find irresistibly entrapped in the abysmal gravitation of the tale.

    Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s Books

    In Contact with the Grand Masters

    grandmasters“In Contact with the Grand Masters” is the third book by writer and investigator Antonio Portugal Alvizuri, who on this occasion lets us know details about his contacts with great characters that dwell in the magical and still secret realm of the Andes.

    The book reveals new experiences just as impressive as the ones referred to in his previous works, related to the deep world of the Andes and principally in Lake Titicaca. This way, this information about his ‘Mission’ given by the beings he is in contact surfaces.

    Those beings show him details about their past lives and explain the reason of their presence in these mysterious dimensions as the astral guides. These beings allowed him access to many of the secrets of the past, knowing the landscapes and characters of other times in an exceptional voyage through time and space going through experiences with ethereal beings through out of body experiences, levitation and journeys to other dimensions.
    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

    Secret Cities in the Andes, the Messages of the Beings of Light

    secret citiesSecret cities in the Andes, the Messages of the Beings of Light, is a testimony of a fascinating book. It tells about the incredible astral journeys that the author has carried out through the tunnels or chinkanas to the pre columbine inter terrestrial cities in the region of the Bolivian Andes, as well as the existence of a city of light underneath the Minor Lake of the Titicaca, or Wiñay Marka (eternal city), and the city and tomb of the Great Master Lhasa in the region of Los Yungas.
    Antonio Portugal in his narrative not only reveals the existence of such amazing cities, but also has the mission of continuing with his archeological investigations and a wait for the trip that he will carry out a few years from now to the great cave in the mountain of Mururata where greats secrets are Kept of the Lemur Continent.
    The messages that he has received from the Beings of Light, are revealed partially by him in this book, the rest of the messages are jealously being kept until the Great Master allow him to reveal them.

    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

    Pakari the Andean Giant

    pakariThe presentation by Antonio Portugal to the Spanish speaking readers, that takes place in our Andean land, typical of our diversity in Bolivia, is an important task in our present for his books have awakened a special interest on the subjects written about in his previous four books : The Chinkana of the Titicaca (the secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake), Secret Cities in the Andes (the Messages of the Beings of Light), In Contact with the Grand Masters and From Tibet to the Andes, the encounter of two cultures, where he narrates the encounter with beings of light and other contacts that lead to the mission entrusted by Superior Beings. In this opportunity, the author offers his readers information on a new contact that take him to secret places such as the Great Gallery beneath Tiwanaku as well as new missions that lead him to find an underground city known as: “Latent City” or Secret City describing structures built thousands of years ago. In company of a shaman named Kupa, they see giant beings, Cyclops and dwarf beings in a state of hibernation and finding out the reason they are on our planet; the discovery of machines alongside these beings and their apparent function to reanimate these slumbering beings that will help humans in the oncoming destruction as well as their mission to permanently aid people in their astral development. He will also include the description of space ships that will serve as transport vessels for humans in the future.

    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

    From Tibet to the Andes, the encounter of two cultures

    tibetFrom Tibet to the Andes, The Encounter of Two Cultures is Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s fourth book which passionately narrates one more mission he must embark on in order to obtain altruistic goals and noble ends that have been given to the author of these tales. In this opportunity, the Tibetan culture emerges that in spite of many people’s disbelief, has settled in middle of the Apolobamba Mountains.

    In the early 1950’s several Tibetan monks fled their homeland towards India, Nepal as well as the Andes Mountains of South America becausethe Chinese government invaded and took over Tibet. Many of the monks arrived at a region of the Apolobamba mountain range in the north of the department of La Paz in the Republic of Bolivia. Since then, they live in peace and harmony together with a group of members of the Kallawaya culture. You will discover in this book how they break the secret codes so they can finally live and enjoy their new found freedom in the Andes.

    Antonio Portugal Alvizuri’s trademark is to rescue the cultural values ofthese parts of the world known as Bolivia located in the heart of SouthAmerica. He shows us in every moment the great achievements of the past and Highlights the presence of those ancestral values in our daily lives even though many will try to identify customs and traditions as belonging to other foreign cultures and not as they should be: The Bolivian Andean Culture.

    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

    The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano

    tunupa volcanoThe new book from Antonio Portugal Alvizurri, ¨The Mysteries of the Tunupa Volcano¨, will take the reader to intense experiences lived in one of the most beautiful and mystical places of Bolivia: The Salar of Uyuni and the majestic Tunupa volcano, its perpetual natural guardian.
    As it is already a characteristic of his books, the challenges and extreme situations present themselves constantly in the narrative of this magnificent book in which the main character, inspired by trust, faith and perseverance, has to overcome grave obstacles while accomplishing ¨missions¨ were trusted upon him by the Beings of Light and the Grand Masters. To reach the summit of the impressive Tunupa, in adverse and painful conditions will be one of the first tests that Portugal has to achieve in order to achieve an encounter with beings from outer space.
    Going into an unusual and splendid city located under the Salar of Uyuni, as well as the revelations obtained in its interior of the city, will take us according to the author to the conviction of being privileged by the Creator and to make us proud to be part of the Andean Cultures.
    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.

    The Chinkana of the Titicaca, The secret tunnels of the Sacred Lake

    chinkana of the TiticacaThe Chinkana of the Titicaca is a lively and fascinating testimony of the discovery of the largest and deepest pre-Columbian tunnel ever found beneath Lake Titicaca, on the unusual circumstances surrounding its discovery and on the strange beings of light that forbid disclosing its exact location but instead make other many revelations. The reader will find himself irresistibly entrapped in the abysmal gravitation of the tale.

    Read more and / or buy the book on Amazon here.




    578069_4985466568056_587947081_nTo find out more about G. Antonio Portugal Alvizuri, please visit his web site: or his author page on facebook:  Antonio Portugal Alvizuri libros  or buy his books through



    Lainie Liberti

    11890916_10153511109242224_2111926122909166020_nLainie Liberti spends most of her time talking about alternative education and hosts the popular show here on Conscious Consumer Network called For the Love of Learning – Voices of the Alternative Education Network.

    She has been traveling with her son for the last 7 years and has not only facilitated her son in finding his passions, she has also discovered and pursued her own passions. One of Lainie’s passions has become archeology, ancient cultures, traditions and the mysteries of our planet. As a self directed learner with an insatiable curiosity, it is no wonder Lainie and Antonio sat down for this interview.

    Thank you CCN for providing a platform to share these explorations. 

    You can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    ftlol_slideFor full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

    Find us on facebook: For-the-Love-of-Learning-Voices-of-the-Alternative-Education-Movement

    For comments, questions, suggestions or if you’d like to be guest on the show, please contact us here.

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    What is WORLDSCHOOLING & how can I do it? – [VIDEO]

    November 24th, 2015

    This video presentation was recorded at the Un in the Sununschooling conference, October 31st, 2015 in St. Pete’s Florida.  Our entire presentation ran just over an hour, then followed up with a questions and answers session, which is not included on this video.

    Below is the video presentation of our talk with video and visuals added. We hope you enjoy it.

    Here is brief outline of our presentation:


    I. Our story in brief:
    II. How does natural learning occur?
    III. What is worldschooling & why does it work with unschooling so perfectly?
    IV. Let’s talk parenting, connection and attachment


    V. Contextual learning or immersive learning – Real-life instances of immersive global education
    VI. What other kinds of learning does travel offer?
    VII. Strategies to keep your family engaged
    VIII. Why is worldschooling important???
    IX. How you can worldschool from home?
    X. How do others worldschool?



    For more information about Project World School, please visit this site:

    If you are interested in finding out more about worldschooling, need support or seeking community, please contact us.


    Have a Proposal for Us?

    Interested in learning more about worldschooling, life on the road as a single parent family, third culture kids  or Project World Schools temporary learning communities? Lainie and Miro would love to receive a proposal for your conference or event.
    Please contact them here.

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    For the Love of Learning – Math Education – Epi#40

    November 22nd, 2015

    For the Love of Learning Episode 40


    Show Title:

    Let’s Talk About Math

    Monday November 16, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
    Tuesday November 17, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Susan Terry
    Paul Gafni
    Pam Sorooshian


    Why is a negative attitude towards mathematics common in our culture? Is it because math is indeed both difficult and demanding of the learner? Are lazy teachers, bad students, or the government to blame? Should educators emphasize on pedagogy and technology to make the learning simpler? Why is it important for students to work through basic math problems when we live in an era where one can turn to calculators or computer programs to do the mindless symbolic manipulations needed to get an answer? Is math even relevant anymore?

    In the US most students will fail to achieve the mathematical skills necessary to pursue math centric technical careers. According to STEM education statistics, in 2013 only 36 percent of high school students were even “ready” for college level math. And the statistics further indicate that students of color and females score much lower across the board.

    There certainly are problems when it comes to math education. In tonight’s episode, we will explore reasons math education is failing and what can be done about it with an incredible panel.


    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Susan Terry

    susanSusan is a graduate of Nipissing University: Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts and Music majors, French Minor ~ Bachelor of Education – Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, International Teaching; TEFL degree; Canadore College: Developmental Social Work, Computer Technology Software; Radio & Television Broadcasting, and Early Childhood Education.

    Early on, she became disenchanted with the North American education system and found that the creative talents and gifts we enter the world with are often stifled. PEACE School was inspired by her love of the Earth’s nature (our interconnection with all life forms) and knowledge that creativity and imagination as the backbone of education, are essential for a meaningful learning experience. At PEACE School, the world is our classroom, where children live in wonder with the knowledge that there is a Universe of limitless possibilities.

    Susan’s long career path has provided her with abundant skills to manoeuvre through life. It began with establishing and supervising a Montessori style Child Enrichment Program, to executive office worker, then child care worker with “at risk” teens. She shifted to the film and television industry as a journalist, writer, producer, director and editor, employed by a major film company and all Canadian National networks, then launched her own multi-media Agency: ICU Media. In tandem she was a College Professor (Project Management, Business English; Computer Software), Public Relations Officer for Nipissing University and ESL instructor. In 2006, she returned to her original vision and passion – to create a meaningful education platform where children are nurtured, to reach their fullest potential and blossom into joyful, creative citizens, while discovering their limitless possibilities.

    Susan is an advocate of cooperative community living and has volunteered in a variety of ways: playing flute in the North Bay Symphony and 22 Wing Military Band; acting as chaperone and public relations officer for a high school band during two European tours through Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Weimer, Bath, London (UK) and Paris. She coordinated a Canada-Wide Science Fair in North Bay, Ontario, and for 13 years assisted Youth Science Foundation Canada, sat on the National Science Fair, and chaired on the North Bay Regional Science Fair Committees. She was active in her children’s education as Chair of Parent-Teacher Association for their school, and through Children of Chernobyl Canada, she hosted a Belarusian child for a respite in her home over 7 years.

    Susan has been inspired, and guided by great spirits and mentors along her journey, who have given her the courage and confidence to undertake the immense mission to manifest her vision to re-enchant education and give the Earth back to the Arms of Love.

    Paul Gafni

    paulPaul Gafni is the Mathematics Instructor for the early entrance students at the Transition School at the University of Washington and runs programming around the greater Seattle area with Math for Love.

    At Transition School, his mission is to prepare students to excel as full time university students in the field of their choice. One of his primary aims in this regard is to ensure that they have enough ownership of their ideas that they can communicate meaningfully about the ideas they are learning. This includes regular written assignments in LaTeX, assessed for clarity of communication and strength of analysis, as well as extensive time in class for collaborative pair work on whiteboard walls and lots of oral communication.

    With Math for Love, his mission is to provide genuine mathematical experiences to learners of a variety of ages. These mathematical experiences include elements of play, curiosity, and open-endedness, giving learners agency to ask and answer their own questions. These programs take place as before/after school clubs, weekend classes, library events, math nights, games nights, professional development, private parties, etc.

    He graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University with Departmental Honors, earning a BA in Mathematics in 2011, pursuing independent research describing a class of chess positions as combinatorial games, inspired by the work of Noam Elkies, John Conway, Elwyn Berlekamp, and Richard Guy. Since then, he has focused his further math learning on searching for ideas that are compelling, puzzling, accessible, and elegant to both young learners and PhDs. Gems in this search have included the works of James Tanton, Martin Gardner, Vi Hart, and Gordon Hamilton, as well as the Julia Robinson Festival Problem Archives.

    Pam Sorooshian

    pamPam Sorooshian is the mom of three grown-up unschooled kids: Roya (30), Roxana (28), and Rose (24). She is also an economics and statistics professor. Her family lives in Southern California and she is on the Board of Directors of the HomeSchool Association of California. Pam, and her husband, Cyrus, pulled Roya out of 4th grade, Roxana out of 1st grade, and never sent Rose to school at all. That was 20 years ago, and they spent about a month thinking “unit studies” were a good idea before jumping fully into unschooling. Pam has been a frequent participant in online unschooling discussions and has spoken at unschooling conferences all over the country. She is the owner of the “Unschooling California” Facebook group. She thinks it is interesting that her children are making surprisingly conventional adult choices considering their very unconventional upbringing. Roya has a BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies and an MS in counseling. She is a family therapist intern and a college professor. She also offers private homeschooling coaching by email. Roxana has BAs in both history and drama and an MA in drama and is about to start a masters program in library and information science. Rose has a BA degree in Deaf Studies and is an American Sign Language interpreter and sign language instructor. She teaches college courses to adult students with developmental disabilities. In spite of, or maybe because of, their unschooling backgrounds, they have excelled as college students and have received many academic honors, awards, and scholarships. To Pam, unschooling means creating a peaceful, safe, and loving home life with many opportunities for exploration, invention, investigation, and conversation. It means very involved parents who pay close attention to supporting their children’s interests. And it means joy and closeness and a very special, very sweet, parent/child relationship.

    Learning Happens: Unschooling Observations and Opinions –




    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    For full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

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    For the Love of Learning – Project Based Learning – Epi#39

    November 12th, 2015

    For the Love of Learning Episode 39


    Show Title:

    For the Love of Learning Episode 39

    Project Based Learning

    Monday November 9, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
    Tuesday November 10, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Sarah Jackson
    Janny Gédéon
    Angie Nastovska


    In this episode we are going to explore project based learning, an alternative to  teacher-led classrooms. In fact, this modality has been adopted by many within the homeschool and alternative education community. The foundation of Project Based Learning empowers learners to focus for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge surrounding a particular topic or field. There are different practical applications and tonight we will explore how two schools and one homeschooling family employ PBL or project based learning into their practice.
    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Sarah Jackson

    sarahjacksonSarah has been a homeschooling parent for the last 7 years and has covered everything from early childhood to college entry, thanks to her well spaced children (ages 5, 13, 17, and 25!). She uses a project based approach that has lead to in depth study of everything from butterflies to Lego stop motion video and Japanese culture to plant botany. Sarah has also been the head T.A. in Lori Pickert’s Project Based Homeschooling master class for the last two years, and loves working with other parents in finding their groove with project based learning. She provides one on one coaching services for those who want additional help.

    Sarah lives in Portland OR where she is involved in the crafting community and with the family biking crowd. She is currently launching a bag business so she can justify her fabric habit. She tries to bring a project mindset to every aspect of her life.
    instagram: sunshineandgrey

    Janny Gédéon

    JannyJanny Gédéon has a B.S. in architecture from the City College of New York and a M.S. in urban planning from Hunter College. In 1997, she participated in a Brooklyn middle school career day and was alarmed by the number of students who thought that school was not relevant to their lives. That experience inspired her to pursue a career that combined her passions for architecture and teaching. For the past 16 years, Janny has been a highly regarded Architect-Educator in schools, community centers, and arts organizations throughout the metro New York region. She is also an experienced Professional Developer who has led teacher workshops under the auspices of the NYC Department of Education, Carnegie Mellon, MIT Museum, the NYC YMCA, and many individual schools in the metro area.

    Angie Nastovska

    angieAngie Jasna Nastovska is an evolving and passionate educator with over 12 years of experience in education. Upon finishing a Dental Technician Vocational college and experiencing the solitary practice of this profession, she was determined to enter the field of education. Angie longed for the opportunity to care, help and reach out to people, in a life-changing manner.

    Upon finishing a BA in English Language and Literature, and getting a teaching credential, she started working at a local college and university, in Macedonia (South East European University). Evaluating her current situation, she decided, she is not career-ready. Traveling the world since she was little, helped her realize that she has experienced almost entire Europe. Thus, being a risk-taker and inquirer she ventured to the United States. First, she lived and worked as a teacher in Florida (Destin, under the Mexican Golf). Then, she worked on short-term projects (6-8 months) in Washington D.C., New, York, and Texas. In the meantime, she gained another AA in Early Childhood Education, MS in Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, and PhD in Ed. Leadership.

    In 2007, she moved to California, where she partnered with two amazing educators in the pursuit to open an Early Childhood Ed. Center. Angie developed the entire curriculum for this organization (catered around Reggio Emilia Approach, constructivist and behaviorist theories with a project, play, and inquiry-based objective) and once it was running in full capacity, she moved to a K-12 Public, Charter School, SCVi (Communicator). She was a member of the SCVi, for the past few years, mainly as a published researcher, English, TOK and Humanities Facilitator. Recently she accepted a role as part of the iLEAD team, Director of Humanities, Innovation and Academic Rigor …

    Besides the true passion for education, she still finds a way to nurture her personal interests: Visiting botanical gardens, exhibitions, plays, performances, concerts… extreme activities such as: acrobatics, hot air balloon-sunrise breakfast, all types of dances, painting, ballet…

    iLEAD Schools

    iLEAD Charter Schools inspire LIFELONG LEARNERS with the skills to lead in the 21st CENTURY. We EMPOWER students to become conscientious, PRINCIPLED LEADERS and citizens of the world. Our programs cultivate CREATIVE THINKING, by offering INDIVIDUALIZED instruction, ACTIVE learning methods and opportunities for SELF-DIRECTED educational experiences.




    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    For full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

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    For the Love of Learning – Sustainable Living & Learning– Epi#38

    November 5th, 2015

    For the Love of Learning Episode 38


    Show Title:

    For the Love of Learning Episode 38

    Sustainable Living and Learning

    Monday November 2, 2015  8:00 pm – 10:00 pm EST
    Tuesday November 3, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Eli Gerzon
    David Casey
    George Kaponay


    This is, For the Love of Learning, voices of the alternative education movement. I’m Lainie Liberti and this is episode number 38. In this episode we are going to explore Sustainable Living and Learning in a modern world. The word sustainability is thrown around an awful lot. But what does it mean and how does it apply to our daily lives?

    In ecology, sustainability refers to the capacity to endure; how biological systems remain diverse and productive indefinitely. But we must ask ourselves, Is this even a possibility on today’s planet? Can ecological sustainability model for us, a platform to develop an endurance of learning systems and processes? Tonight we are going to look at the intersection between learning and sustainability and explore these ideas within the context of ecological, social and education systems.


    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Eli Gerzon

    eliEli Gerzon is a self-educated entrepreneur and social justice activist. He does social media consulting for social justice non-profits, businesses, and individuals. For two years he co-led the state divestment from fossil fuel campaign in Massachusetts, the hub of the movement. Eli spent 13 years growing Gerzon Gardening, an organic, ultra-low carbon landscaping business on his bicycle. He’s also worked on organic farms in Concord, MA, Norway, and South Korea. He has traveled or lived in over 20 countries. Inspired by those experiences, he created Worldschool Travel Tours for homeschooling/unschooling teens. He led tours to Mexico and Japan. He speaks around the US and writes in various publications on the subject of education, climate change, organizing, travel, and social media. He is also an active member of Jewish Voices for Peace advocating for an end to the occupation of Palestine.

    Find Eli on social media and check out his consulting work on LinkedIn , Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

    David Casey

    davidcaseyDavid Casey has spent the past four years in Guatemala and other areas of Latin America catalyzing Project Nuevo Mundo. He has visited a wide spectrum of projects in the region, and consulted with project managers and founders about the most effective way to design a collaborative network to connect projects to each other and to human resources. David’s work includes engagement with local indigenous clothing production cooperatives in Guatemala, property development and ecovillage design, coordination of a WWOOF volunteer farmer program, and event production. He is also founder and co-producer of Cosmic Convergence Festival, an annual cultural gathering in Guatemala.

    David received a BA in Political Economy of Industrial Societies with a concentration in Global Poverty & Practice from UC California – Berkeley in 2008. He has been invited to share his work at University of California – Berkeley, Universidad Nacional Autonomo de Mexico – Mexico City, Instituto Tecnologico de San Salvador (El Salvador), and Ecovillage Design courses in Central America.


    George Kaponay

    georgeBringing projects to life that touch people and create meaning in their lives is a passion for George!

    The last five years of his life and the life of his family have been especially dedicated to seeing this become a reality with the creation of a share economy project intended to meet the needs of people on our planet and their continuing journey of EnergeticXChange, a journey around the world dedicated to giving, learning and constantly growing from their experiences.

    Sadly, it took George fifteen years of working in high-pressure jobs, and in businesses he co-created, often working over 80 hours a week, at cost to his health and family life, before he was able to realise with the help of his loving wife, that being authentic and following their dream, was always the key to their happiness! Things changed radically and for the better!

    As one part of a unit of four people, it is critical that George’s working efforts are consistent with the core values of his family. This way, he can consistently match meaningful work with their core values of love, being together, sustainability, awareness, health, well-being, and their constant dedication to learning and development.



    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

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    For the Love of Learning – Student Empowered Learning – Epi#37

    November 2nd, 2015


    For the Love of Learning Episode 37


    Show Title:

    Student Empowered Learning Means Taking Control

    Monday October 26, 2015  9:00 pm – 11:00 pm EST
    Tuesday October 27, 2015 1:00 am – 3:00 am GMT

    Special Guests:

    Peter Hutton

    And the students:

    Owen Swift 16yo
    Shadia Ibrahim 15yo
    Tahlia Sadler 12yo
    Blake Pollock 17yo
    Tanika Dailsley 16yo


    Tonight we have a group of very special guests. We are joined by five teenagers who attend Templestowe College, a secondary school in Melborne Australia. This is no ordinary high school though, this is a place that promotes students taking control of their own education.

    Also, we are joined by the schools principal who spear heads the movement. Peter Hutton, a self described teenager trapped in an adult body, hated his own school experience. Peter developed an educational model that allows students to individualize their education and where students and staff share control in the running of the school. Revolutionary! I think so.

    Bios of Tonight’s Guests:

    Peter Hutton

    PHU-6Peter Hutton hated his own school experience, where he felt that education was being done “to him”. He has spent the past 25 years in schools trying to bring about reform where students are empowered to take control of their own learning. As Principal of Templestowe College he has finally developed an educational model that allows students to individualise their education and where students and staff share control in the running of the school.

    Templestowe College

    Templestowe College, or TC as it is often known, is an educationally progressive, coeducational, government secondary school, located in Victoria Australia, which supports 700 students from the ages of 11 to 20 to Take Control of their own learning.

    @TC students drive their own learning. Our Learning Community, which comprises students, staff, parents and members of the wider community are committed to the philosophy that students have far greater skills and abilities than they are generally given credit for. With the support and guidance of parents and staff have the ability to manage their own education and have the freedom to explore their passions and interests in the depth that they choose. Every student has their own individualised learning plan that they develop which guides them for the next five years.

    We have deliberately removed many of the restrictions that “traditional” schools place on students, such as year level structures, single age classes, bells, fixed starting times, detentions, and students are strongly encouraged to have phones with them. We employ many of our own students to help run the school and many students operate their own for profit businesses. Some students are even employed by the TC consultancy to work with other schools to help spread the message of student empowered learning.



    Lainie Liberti

    As always, you can find out more about your host, Lainie Liberti at her website and the alternative education & world schooling project she runs with her teenage son at: You can also connect with her on twitter @ilainie & facebook.

    For full archives of this show and programming schedule, please visit: 

    Find us on facebook: For-the-Love-of-Learning-Voices-of-the-Alternative-Education-Movement

    For comments, questions, suggestions or if you’d like to be guest on the show, please contact us here.

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