Lainie’s Day 1-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]

Lainie’s Day 1-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]
July 5, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Day 1 –

Mom & Son In the Moment -The Jungle Nature Project

This is Lainie’s diary of Day 1. To read more about this project, be sure to read the project overview.

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11:27- Arrived in Puerto Moldando, skies are blue, the wet air is heavy and fresh, and the palms are swaying in the hot jungle wind. But Miro’s smile is my ultimate greeting. And so, our adventure begins.

12:11 – Making friends with our guides Jose Louis and Eder, getting excited about the up and coming week!

12:26 – Welcome to Puerto Maldonado!

1:17- Seeing the town through the windscreens seems somewhat surreal. But we have arrived and I’m ready to step beyond the glass. So ready.

2:00 – Delighted with a basket of goodies! Wonder what’s inside?

3:13 – Feeling happy to be with my son on the water surrounded by nature.

4:08 – We got the entire boat to sing the Beatles with us! What a riot!

5:15 – I feel honored to receive the sun cast through the trees. The jungle has so many treats.

6:02 – Feeling the energy flow below our boat as the sun is setting. Our long journey continues.

7:02 – On the water in the dark, surrendering to not seeing what’s ahead. It’s ok. We are present.

8:04 – The candles welcome us, our room awaits.


This project made possible through collaboration with the folks from  Rainforest ExpeditionsTo learn more about their lodges, expeditions and tours in Peru’s beautiful Amazon jungle located in both Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata National Reserve, please visit their web site.