For the Love of Learning

Lainie Liberti hosts a show on CCN- Conscious Consumer Network called For the Love of Learning —Voices of the Alternative Education Movement. Each week Lainie explores the voices within the alternative education movement with a panel of guests representing different perspectives. We do not focus on what is wrong with the system, rather focus on the solutions so that you and your family can empower yourselves. Listen to voices of visionaries, change makers and ordinary-extraordinary people who all do what they do, for the love of learning.

Live Show- Monday 8:00pm – 10:00pm Eastern Time

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World Schooling Talk

World Schooling Talk is a youtube series where Lainie Liberti tackles a different topic surrounding education and travel.

Some weeks, Lainie interviews other world schooling families as they share their ups and downs, challenges and success. The world schooling series aim is to be all inclusive, exploring all the different styles of world schooling, incorporating cultures and travel as some of the elements that create a rich education.

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Raising Miro Podcast Archives

Lainie and Miro started podcasting from June 2010 -May 2012 and have produced 33 episodes.

This was a collaborative project between a mother and son team.  Like any production team, they brainstorm the topics for each upcoming episode. Lainie and Miro alternate conducting  interviews, and as time has gone on, Miro has become more comfortable with the interviewing process. The research and writing that goes into each episode  is a joint effort.

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We’re Making Media

Besides the shows above, Lainie and Miro have been recording their travels, documenting their travels and sharing the inspiration with others for several years. You can access all of their videos from their youtube page here.

Here’s one of our favorites:

Chinchero: Weaving gratitude in the Sacred Valley

Published on Oct 30, 2012
Miro and I met a Quetchua father named Edzon, and his daughter in Cusco one sunny afternoon . We learned Edzon comes from an artisan family of weavers who live the small community of Chinchero. Edzon, with his wife and daughter run a small booth in the artisan market in central Cusco selling his family’s work.

I asked Edzon if he and his family would be willing to host us for an afternoon of cultural exchange and learning. Four days later, we were invited to visit his family’s farm.

And this is the story of the magical day we spent together.

“We all have our own life to pursue, Our own kind of dream to be weaving… And we all have the power To make wishes come true, As long as we keep believing.”

~Louisa May Alcott