Yeah, we’ve got mustaches . . . what of it?

We love press, will even sport a pretty mustache or two for a picture. Even grab a group of friends to pose with us. What can we say? We love the publicity.

Below, you’ll find a growing list of the articles and press coverage we’ve received. We’ve been at this for a little bit and are so thrilled that others have taken notice of our trip. Miro and I have been on our RTW (round the world) travel lifestyle now, over year and a half now, and we think we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Maybe you’ve got questions for us, like:

What’s it like raising a child on the road? What’s it like traveling with little or no money? How do you guys survive? What keeps you going? What’s in store for you next? What does schooling look like for you two? How do you two meet so many wonderful people along the way?

Just go ahead and ask us!!!!

We’d love to chat with you about our experiences and anything else you are interested in talking about. We’ll just admit it right here and now, we love the press because we are part ham. So, come on Press People, drop us a line, we’d love to make contact.

We’re available for interviews, bar mitzvas & guest appearances. You can contact us here for any of those possibilities + more! It’s super easy and we promise to respond right away.

It will be great hearing from you and we promise, we don’t (usually) bite.

And….we have been featured on a few wonderful websites and in print!

Check ’em out here:

Interview / Full Page Print Feature

Gente – El Poblado Edicion

Febrero 4 de 2011

Miro and I were interviewed for the local magazine Gente in Medellin, Colombia. The magazine features stories of extraordinary people in the local area. We were so honored to have been chosen for the interview and even more excited when we saw we were featured on the entire back page! The story was written by a wonderful writer named Claudia Restrepo. To access the pdf version of the article in Spanish, please click here.

Interview (Long Format)

Travel & TransitionsPresenting: Lainie Liberti – from California Digital Media Executive to Globetrotting Mom on the Road

February 12, 2011

From the article: “One of the gifts of working on this website is that it connects me to some very exceptional and often inspiring people. In this interview, meet Lainie Liberti, a successful former California new media entrepreneur, who quit her middle-class lifestyle and went on the road with her son Miro a year and a half ago. After experiencing burnout from her rat race career, Lainie and Miro are now living a completely new life on the road that includes “radical unschooling” and volunteering. Read Lainie’s one-of-a-kind story, submitted to us from her current location in Medellin, Colombia.”

Feature Interview

Wondering Educators – A Global Community of Educators Sharing Traveling Experiences features Raising Miro on the Road of Life
March 10, 2011

I love the introduction they gave us from the Wandering Educators site and we are so honored to be their March feature: “The internet is full of inspiration – millions of websites that teach, inspire, and inform about the world. A very few stand out from the crowd. I’ve found one such shining website, full of joy and enthusiasm about living fully in the world, in the moment, together. It’s a site put together by a mother and son (Lainie and Miro), about their slow travel and unschooling around the world. It’s about the real people they meet, eat and laugh with, learn from. From intercultural learning to quirky explorations to gorgeous photos of their life abroad, Raising Miro is one of the best sites I’ve ever read – inspiring, joyful, and full of curiousity about the world. We caught up with Lainie Liberti and asked her to share more about Raising Miro with our Wandering Educators.”

Feature Article

Frugal Dad Living Abroad, Frugally: An Interview with Mom and Son Team Behind

February 21, 2011

Frugal Dad and I met, somewhere in cyberspace and as he put it “Naturally, I had several questions for them, and after trading emails a couple times I realized they were natural frugalists – mostly because they had to be! Lainie and Miro agreed to answer a few questions and share more of their experience here.” This was a fun interview for us to do, different then some of the others, focus being living frugally.


My Hot Mom Of The Week: Lainie Liberti

Week of July 16, 2010

I’m a Hot Mom, Empowering Moms to feel good about themselves. Go, read the interview / article with Lainie Liberti as she talks about being mom to 11 year old Miro, traveling and raising him on the road of life. (Too bad there was no place to nominate Miro as “hot kid of the week”. )

Travel BlogsFeature

Featured on Travel Blogs

August 2010

Raising Miro was featured on the popular TravelBlogs web site.

Travel BlogsInterview

The Road of Life: Interviews with Lainie & Miro – Part One

December 2010

The Road of Life: Interviews with Lainie & Miro – Part One Being on the ‘Road of Life’ does keep people in a somewhat constant state of flux. There is bad (or non-existent) internet, dead computers, travel time and a host of other issues. But, between the revolving “I’m sorry.” “No, I’m sorry” e-mails we finally came together on this interview.

Travel BlogsInterview

The Road of Life: Interviews with Lainie & Miro – Part Two

December 2010

The Road of Life: Interviews with Lainie & Miro – Part Two Part Two delves into their expectations of each other, their commitment to activism, creative endeavors and snowballs – the white frozen rain kind. Again, there are Miro’s remaining “Bonus Questions”. He even comments to something about his Mother’s quirky remarks… Enjoy the read!


Décompte PodCamp Montréal 2010: Coup de coeur no. 1 « Raising Miro Podcast »

September 2010

Featured as a case study for the PodCamp : qui aura lieu à Montréal le 11 et 12 septembre 2010 on the French language web site Michelle Sullivan Communications, using as a case study.


It’s a family thing! CouchSurfing parents raise global citizens

by Marcelle Santos

Oct 15, 2010

Article written on the Couch Surfing News Channel featuring family travel. Article highlights many families who have embraced Couch Surfing as part of their traveling philosophy, and Lainie and Miro of are the first family mentioned in the article.

150 Best Education Podcasts

Review & Top 5 List

150 Best Education Podcasts – Top 5 List

The Raising Miro Podcast was listed under the Top 5 Best Educational Podcasts according to Guide to Online Schools: “When it comes to learning, the Internet has become more of an ally than almost any other medium. We’ve scoured the web for the best possible education podcasts we could find so that you can pursue that goal. Raising Miro If only we all could be blessed with mothers like Lainie! This single mother has committed to her son Miro’s education, determined to make it as bright and vibrant as possible. Their “nomadic adventures” find the pair “traveling the world together,” ensuring that both Miro and Mom stock up for a lifetime’s worth of indelible memories.”


Why We Love It: We gravitated to this site’s charming and contagious reading list; we’ve already bought a few of Lainie’s suggestions on Amazon.

Top 100 List

Top 100 Travel Blogs – Travelholica Web Site

Honored to have been included on the Top 100 on the popular Travelholica site


Off – Track Backpacking

August 23, 2010

Our web site was featured on the popular blog, We were so honored they dedicated a whole page to us! Thank you!

Feature Article (Spanish)

BlogDineroOnline Features as a Case Study

February 11, 2011

Alex Farías, a thought leader, is the author of The Spanish language website In the article he wrote about, he uses our story as a case study for ways to monetize your website. We actually got some great ideas from that article. Thanks Alex!!


Travel with Papino features Raising Miro on the Road of Life

February 23, 2011

Fellow traveler Nadine Gray asked Miro & I if she could write a feature article on us. We said yes! of course. We’re always honored when other travelers are touched by our story. Again, another case of of our wonderful global community.

Feature Interview

Worldschool Adventures 1st Traveling Family Features – Interview With Raising Miro

March 7, 2011

Amy with Worldschool Adventures asked us to be their first featured family on her monthly column of traveling families doing extraordinary things! And we were honored to be the first!!

Feature Interview

Lash World Tour – Interview With Lainie of Raising Miro

March 9, 2011

Lash from Lash World Tour, a fellow global nomad asked us for an interview and we said ‘yes’! We love connecting with other long term travelers and were honored she wanted to feature us on her site. Thank you Lash! Was such a pleasure speaking with you!

Top 7 List

Weekly Top 7 – Wild About Travel Web Site

Week #8

Listing of the week’s Top 7 fam­i­lies on-the-road blogs and a mention of sin­gle moms trav­el­ing with their children.

Award & Interview

Uncommon Childhood Award – Families Doing Fabulous Things Award

March 14, 2011

Today we were honored to receive the Uncommon Childhood Award, an honor given to families who are raising their children in uncommon ways. This is the message we received from them: ‘Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for Uncommon Childhood’s “Families Doing Fabulous Things” Award! This award is given out to select families who are living unusually fabulous or “Uncommon” lives with their children’….and we couldn’t be prouder!

Interview with Miro!

1 Dad 1 Kid Feature Interview with Miro

March 15, 2011

1 Dad 1 Kid released a series of that features interview with traveling kids. Miro was featured in the second of the series. It was wonderful to have Miro answer the questions and I found some of his answers really insightful. We hope you enjoy!!

Raising Miro Travel Tips Featured!

Woman Over 40- Kalin’s Chronicles: Traveling with Kids

March 31 2011

“I don’t have children and hardly ever travel with them, so I’m the last person to give you tips on traveling with kids. However, 40-something Lainie Liberti has been traveling with her nearly12 -year-old son non-stop since 2009. They’ve been to nine countries so far, including all of Central America and now find themselves in their first South American country, Colombia. Here are a few of her comments on everything from bathrooms to best memories.” Read the tips here

Feature Interview

Sharing Travel Experiences: Interview with Lainie Liberti

April 18, 2011

It is that time again – time to talk travel with one of our inspiring community members. Today we’ve got Lainie and Miro. One’s a parent, one’s a child, but sometimes the roles are reserved. We’ve had many parent-child duos here as interviewees and their perspectives – as a group and as individuals – is always fascinating. Toady is no exception. Read the full interview here.

Feature Interview with Miro!

Lash World Tour – Interview With Miro of Raising Miro

April 6, 2011 (Miro’s birthday!!)

Lash from Lash World Tour, a fellow global nomad asked us for an interview and we said ‘yes’! We love connecting with other long term travelers and were honored she wanted to feature us on her site. Only this time, her questions were for Miro and this is second time we were featured on her site.

Feature Interview

Nomadic Interviews: Raising Miro

May 31, 2011

It was such a pleasure to meet Simon and Erin in person, of Never Ending Voyage earlier this year in Colombia. When they asked to feature us on their Nomadic Interview series we were thrilled and honored! This traveling duo has been traveling for several years as well and has profiled some the most amazing nomadic travelers on their site. What an honor to be included! Please check out our interview here, and we’re hoping you like it!!

Feature Contributor

Education On The Road: 30 Traveling Families Share Their Most Educational Moments

June 15, 2011

Wonderful article featuring the answers of 30 family travelers. The world is seen as a place in which we can learn, engage, and explore with our children. This is reflected in the answers of 30 traveling families, who were asked one simple question: “Throughout all your travels, what is the best educational experience you have had with your children?” Read the article here.

Feature Interview

Interview with Lainie and Miro, single mom and son volunteering and world traveling for 8 years

June 20, 2011

Lainie is a single mom traveling with her 12-year old boy Miro on a journey that started 2 years ago and is aimed at lasting 8 years. They both volunteer in the places they stop and they work together on the blog Raising They chose the unschooling path, or more precisely, worldschooling, while they learn lessons of compassion and about being true global citizens. Read the full interview here.

Feature Interview

Conversation with a Traveling Family #1: Lainie Liberti from Raising Miro on the Road of Life

June 29, 2011

Lainie & Miro were interviewed by another single mom and blogger for the site When blogger Melissa first began planning her long-term trip around the world, she turned to the stories of other traveling families for guidance. As a single mother, she was particularly interested in how other single parents were raising their children to be modern nomads. Lainie Liberti is one parent who fits the bill. Lainie discusses everything from unschooling, volunteering to keeping a budget on the road. Read the full interview here.


My Vacation: Mother and Son Roam Colombia

July 11, 2011

Lainie & Miro’s adventures & photos were featured’s sister site The site features the needs and interests of readers over age 40. Their mission is to provide inspiration, information and hands-on know-how to the over 40 crowd. They definitely found inspiration in Lainie & Miro’s photos and adventures. See the full feature here.

Interview / Full Page Print Feature

Rethinking Everything Magazine- Issue #8

October 1, 2011

Miro and I were interviewed for the wonderful magazine called Rethinking Everything, the same folks who produce the largest unschooling and homeschooling conference in the United States. ‘Rethinking Everything Magazine is a publication bringing personal stories of extraordinary CHANGE. We’re talking evolutionary transformation that has enlightened a new path leading directly out of cultural traditions and into new thought and action’. Miro and I agree, we qualify. You can download a pdf version of our interview here.

Included in Feature Story

10 Nomadic Families Traveling the World, 7 Continents: How They Afford It

October 10, 2011

Miro and I were included in this feature article about how traveling families fund their travels.

Feature Interview

Journey Geek Speaks with Lainie Liberti & Miro Siegel

August 26, 2011

Journey Geek had 15 hard hitting (and humorous) questions for both Lainie & Miro. Be sure to read our answers here!

Included in Feature Story

Adventurous Families on the Go!

April 15, 2011

Miro and I were included in this feature article about traveling families, and we were honored!



Who’s Out There Now? Lainie & Miro for Career Break Secrets

December 13, 2011

In this week’s ¨Who’s Out There Now¨ feature, we bring to you Lainie and Miro, the mother-son traveling team behind As Lainie describes it on the website, the trifecta of inspiration to see the world, the 2008 economic downturn and a desire to restore balance to her and her son’s life put them on a path to see the world.


Top 10 Family Travel Blogs

Raising Miro was included in the Washington Times List for Top 10 Travel Blogs

December 16, 2011

Most family travel blogs are filled with tips and advice for taking your children on a short vacation and it can be hard to find those families who actually live full-time on the road. If you’re like me and enjoy following along with the adventures and misadventures of families slowly making their way around the world, this list is for you!

Feature – Top 4 Family Blogs

4 Great Family Travel Blogs

December 28, 2011

There’s a misconception in today’s society that if you want to travel the world, you should do it before your children are born or after they leave the nest. But why wait? These four travel bloggers are living proof that your children could be the best traveling companions you could ask for. Get inspired, book your flights to Thailand, and start your adventure too.

10 Travel Blogs to Watch in 2012

Runaway Jane’s List for 2012

January 1, 2012

Established travel blogger, Runaway Jane takes the opportunity (and her first post of the new year) to recognize some new travel bloggers she thinks will do well in 2012. Jane says, “Some may already be established, and others not so much, but with the travel industry paying attention to bloggers more than ever in 2011, I feel in 2012 we all have room for growth. I see 2012 as a year that travel bloggers as a whole will continue to progress into new, uncharted territory for our industry.

Yay!! we are so excited to be included. Thanks for the recognition Runaway Jane! We are so grateful for the mention!!!

Travel Blogs Directory for 2012

Where have all the good travel blogs gone: my travel blog directory

December 26, 2012

Dave, from, a blog about one man’s journey to travel the world in search of a place to call home. He’s been traveling for 7 years non-stop and has been reading travel related material including blogs for much longer. His year end wrap up post about what makes a good travel blog (and what doesn’t) has some great examples. made an appearance under the niche travel blogs. We are so grateful for the recognition. Thank you Dave and we hope our paths will cross some day!’s 2011 Top Blogs

Top 25 Travel Blogs for Families nominated their top family travel blogs for 2011 (which we did not make the list), then they asked their audience to nominate their top favorites.. Guess what??? We were number 13 out of 113 blogs nominated! What an honor!

Unschooling Family Directory

15 Unschooling & Interest-Led Learning Travelling Families You Should Get to Know

September 3, 2011

Christina Pilkington’s blog is a site dedicated to unschooling or natural led learning. She wraps up her September travel series, paying homage to some of the many blogs and websites by travelling unschoolers & interest-led learners who have inspired her to pursue even greater adventures. And yes, is one of them! Check out these other amazing unschooling / traveling families.

Feature Article About Us!

Lainie and Miro: one mom, her son, and their adventures around the globe

February 22, 2012

Offbeat Mama supports and celebrates parents and caregivers who are moving beyond mainstream visions of parenting. And guess what? We were the perfect fit. This feature was written by another traveler whom we had the pleasure of meeting in Colombia. It’s a wonderful article and we’re so honored!

Hostel Booker’s Best of 2011

The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2011

Thu, Dec 29, 2011

Us? We were named runner up in the family blog category! How incredibly awesome and exciting for us. is honored to be mentioned among so many amazing blogs. Check it out, find some new ones here!


Uncaged Lifestyles: Lainie Liberti – Mom and World Traveler

May 24, 2012

I love this introduction on the Uncaged Life Blog: “One of the things I love most about my job is the amazing emails I get from super inspiring people who are out there living amazing lives. I received an email from Lainie and I knew I HAD to interview her. She’s a bomb diggity example of someone who’s rocking a totally unconventional lifestyle, and doing it with a KID at that. And they say that once you have kids all the fun stops….” Read the interview now!


Interview with World Traveling Single Mom Lainie Liberti and Her Son Miro

June 2, 2012

From EscapeFromAmerica: Lainie is one of those people whose energy and intention seems to absolutely radiate from her. I have never had the honor of meeting this powerhouse of a single mom in person yet, but I consider her to be a kindred spirit, an incredibly inspiring human being, and a new friend. Her and her son Miro left the US to begin their expat adventure in 2009, starting in Central and South America. They are slow-traveling around the globe allowing inspiration be their compass. The pair is most interested in exploring cultures, contributing by serving, and connecting with humanity as ‘global citizens’.

Interested? Read the interview here!


Mother and Son Bond Through Nomadic Travels and Unschooling

May, 2012

From the, a wonderful introduction to our interview: The following is an interview I did with friend and fellow travel blogger Lainie Liberti of RaisingMiro. Lainie and her son Miro left the US 3 years ago after realizing there was more to the world then working 10 hours a day and not seeing each other very much. They started in South America and are now in Central America. They plan to slow travel around the world for the next few years exploring cultures and connecting with humanity as global citizens. Read the interview here!


Could You Slow Travel For 8 Years As A single parent? Lainie Can

June, 2012

Annie André, a 5 Time Successful Career Breaker runs a wonderful blog that focuses on inspiring others to take a break from the rat race. We were their 6th family to be featured in an ongoing series about 100 + Amazing Families & Couples Who Are Making Their Dream of Long Term Travel A Reality. Wow! What an honor!!

Interview with Miro

Real Families: An Interview with 13 year old Miro, Traveling the World

August 18, 2012

The family over at dream of traveling the world, and love to read about kids who are doing so. This is where Miro comes in. They ask Miro about being a nomad , his 3 full years on the road and experiencing life in the fullest. Miro is interviewed by two 7 year olds about his travels, from a kid’s perspective. Fun interview!

Interview with Miro

Stupid Questions for World Travelers: Interview with Miro

August 18, 2012

The folks over at FamilyTrek have a hilarious ongoing series featuring stupid questions for world travelers. In this interview, Miro takes a crack at answering some of those questions. As always his wit and humor come out. Hope you enjoy this interview covering everything from Q-Tips to kidnapping. Ready for a laugh? Go on, give it a read!

We’re Number #2!

Best Travel Blogs of 2011

Thu, Dec 29, 2011

The end of 2011,  Hostelbookers nominated and awarded the best of 2011. And there is a catagory called ‘Best Family Travel Blog’… and guess what? We didn’t win. But that’s ok, because we were the runner up. I have no idea how they decided out of the tens of thousands family travel blogs out there, but only  two blogs were mentioned, the winning blog, our friends over at and us. Yay! In great company and we’re honored to have caught the judge’s attention.


Interview with Lainie

Waiting to Board with Lainie Liberti

October 4, 2012

When we were asked to featured on, we were thrilled. We were even more thrilled when they asked us thought provoking questions and allowed us to share our off-beat lifestyle philosophies. I talk about smiling a lot in this interview and even touch on fear. Go on, it’s a good read and I’m proud of this interview.

Interview with Lainie

Traveling with Children – An interview with Raising Miro

ouroysternewJanuary 28, 2013

This weeks interview is from Lainie Liberti of Her blog focuses on the adventures she and her son have had during their last 3.5 years of travelling the world together as a single parent family. Lainie is also a big advocate of “unschooling” and her blog is a great resource for those also interested in this type of life learning and education.

Article Contributor

How to survive traveling solo with your kids

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 11.23.15 AMEven with two parents, traveling with children can be a challenge. There are bags to pack, sleep schedules to maintain, and young minds to occupy during long flights or car rides. With only one adult to field pleas of “Are we there yet?,” those traveling without a co-parent might feel overwhelmed at the prospect of hitting the road. With the following tips from family travel experts, single parents can enjoy exploring the world in the company of their kids.

Interview with Lainie

Q&A with Lainie from Raising Miro on Travel and the Road of Life on

January 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.26.00 AMAs part of our goal to make life easier for bus travelers, we keep in touch with travelers who’ve had firsthand experiences around the world. Last time, we featured Nicole and Cameron Wears from Traveling Canucks. Today, we’re happy to feature Miro & Lainie from Raising Miro.

Lainie and Miro are a mother and son team who have traveled to 12 countries and experienced many personal changes, living an inspired possession-free-lifestyle, volunteering and learning naturally. They are blessed to be accidental unschoolers and have become advocates for “life learning” at any age.

Interview with Lainie


September 28, 2012

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.34.32 AMOur first travel  and fashion interview: Lainie and Miro have been slow travelling through Central and South America for the past three years. They’re on the road permanently and each still manage to keep their own sense of personal style. You won’t find any nerdy quick-dry travel clothes in their packs. They’re always decked out in something hip. Miro has all the girls swooning wherever they go.

Hostel Booker’s Best of 2011

The Best Travel Blogs of the Year 2012

December, 2012

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 2.29.43 PMUs? We were named runner up in the family blog category! Two years in a row, we won, ok… came in second place out of the thousands and thousands of blogs out there!!  We were #2 in 2011 and in 2012 we’re #2 again!! How incredibly awesome and exciting for us. is honored to be mentioned among so many amazing blogs. Check it out, find some new ones here!

Expert Travel Advice – Top 5 tips

Long Term World Family Travel Tips with Lainie and Miro

February 19, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.48.10 PMLainie and Miro, a single mom and son pair, have been traveling the world together for over 3 years now. 12 countries and many personal changes later, Lainie & Miro continue to slow travel around the globe, living an inspired possession-free-lifestyle, volunteering and learning naturally.  We asked these seasoned family travelers this one question to help you as you consider big travel goals as a family. Read our top 5 tips here!

Two Part Interview – 1st with Lainie -2nd with Miro

The Permanent Travellers, Part I & Part II

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 9.09.36 AM

Part I– Lainie Liberti is a single mum who wanted her son, Miro, to learn about the world. So in 2008 she sold her Californian business and took the then 9-year-old on the road. They have been travelling ever since and covered 12 countries in South and Central America including Belize, Chile and Panama. (They currently live in Cusco, Peru where they have been for the last 7 months.) Liberti tells suitcases&strollers about why she chooses to dedicate her life to travel.

Part II– 13-year-old Miro Siegel is truly a global citizen. He and his mother, Lainie, have been traveling for over 3 years and don’t plan to stop any time soon. His checklist includes Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. Siegel doesn’t attend formal school, but participates in “unschooling” and is even helping produce a learning retreat in Peru. He tells suitcases&strollers why he loves his life on the road and doesn’t miss attending class.


Single mom money secrets

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.55.57 AM

April 4, 2013

Interviewed for an article about making ends meet as a single mom. There’s some good advice there, go ahead, give it a read.

Interview with Lainie Liberti

2013 Unschooling Retreat in Peru

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.12.08 PM

It is becoming more popular for families to take advantage of travel as a time to relax but also to learn. When I discovered a new educational tour in Peru I asked Lainie Liberti, who also runs the popular travel site RaisingMiro, to contribute a guest post to explain her program.

Project Unschool Peru is a life-changing event designed to inspire teens and families who wish to experience the magic of Peru’s Sacred Valley during a 4-week “natural learning” retreat. In this temporary learning-community, participants follow their own interests individually and as a group, focusing on archeology, history, ethnobotany, sacred plants and medicines, agriculture, arts and music, sustainability, Andean mysticism and so much more.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 11.05.42 AMFeature Article

USA Today Article – Mom, son give up American dream to travel the world –

August 31, 2013

Citizens of the world’ cherish experiences of open-ended journey; Miro and I were asked to share our journey as Global Citizens. We were featured in their print and online magazines. Also, Florida Today and Tucson Citizen picked up the story as well.

USA Today - Guide to Kids' Health

Article Response

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.33.12 PMI Kind Of Want To Be This Mom Who Sold All Of Her Possessions To Travel The World With Her Young Son

September  2, 2013
The popular website picked up on the USA Today story and wrote a response. Read our dialogue here.

Podcast Interview

The World is Our Classroom with Miro and Lainie

Tue, 17 December 2013


Miro and Lainie from the Raising Miro on the Road of Life travel blog and podcast join me for a wonderful conversation.  Lainie and her son tell me all about their life on the road in South America, living outside of the main stream, unschooling, or “world schooling” as they call it, using travel as a tool for education for both son and mother.  In addition to education, much time is spent discussing the partnership that is required for successful, fulfilling parenting.

Podcast Interview

Family Adventure Podcast “Raising Miro” – Global Education through World Travel!

April 1  2014
What an honor to have as our guests this week: Lainie and Miro from “Raising Miro”! This single mother and son have been adventuring and traveling throughout the Western Hemisphere for the past 5 years in a lifestyle they call: slow-travel. It’s all about sinking in where you are and letting the culture and surroundings sink into you! They have been able to have some incredible adventures, but besides the places…….they go on to describe the people who they’ve had the pleasure of sharing time with, and how that’s impacted their outlook on life.

Feature Article

mv_logoMuse & Visionaries Magazine published an article called “Family Tales of Simplicity & Adventure” featuring the lives of several traveling families

Traveling the world with their kids while making environmentally conscious lifestyle decisions, five innovative women inspire us to reconsider how we can leave a legacy of simplicity for our children.
Download the PDF version here

Blogger Award

Top 25 Budget Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2014

Logo-webSeptember 25, 2014

Raising Miro was selected to be included in a list by Trip Advisors brand FlipKey of  recommended bloggers, “the best 25 budget travel bloggers to follow this year so you’ll return from your next trip full of a lust for life, not financial regret.” We can get behind that!

Feature Interview

coolkidzlogoMeet Cool Family Travel Bloggers – Raising Miro on the Road of Life

This is an interview we did for the family travel web site called We loved the name so much we jumped on the opportunity to be interviewed by them. Read our interview here.

Feature Interview with Miro Siegel

Miro’s World Schooling Adventure


June 2, 2014
Miro was interviewed for the Homeschool Teen Magazine about his worldschooling adventures. This is a magazine what provides stories and feature by homeschooled teens for homeschooled teens. Miro was honored to be featured on the homepage for 1 month! So cool!! Check out his interview here.

Feature article in People Magazine South Africa, both print & online!


Miro and I were interviewed by a freelance writer earlier this year. To our surprise when some of our readers in South Africa contacted us and let us know, Miro is now the famous Vagabond Boy of South Africa! If you’d like to read the entire article you can access the PDF here.

Podcast Interview

How to Live a Great Life Podcast Interview with Miro 

November 6, 2014


Kevin Geary joins me for a discussion with Miro from theRaising Miro on the Road of Lifeblog.  Miro tells us about his life style as an unschooler/world schooler.  What are the pros and cons of his nomadic lifestyle?  How did Miro and his mother Lainie obtain financial freedom?  Where does Miro stand on freedom, liberty, and culture?  All this and more in today’s show!

Podcast Interview

Lainie Liberti: Global education through world travel

nomadtopiaPodcast interview with Lainie Liberti where she talks about her adventures with her son Miro. Lainie and  Miro, left the U.S. in 2009 for what was going to be a one-year adventure—and they’re still going! Continuing their slow travel through Central and South America, they allow inspiration to be their compass. Along the way they’ve taken a global approach to education, using the world as their classroom. Listen to the full podcast here.

logoFeature article in Friday Magazine, UAE

Real Life- ‘I took my son out of school to travel’

November 13, 2014
Article appeared in both print & online versions
Lainie Liberti decided to give up a successful career, sell her house and go around the world with her son. Six years later, she says they have never been happier. Be sure to read the online version here.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.37.19 AMPodcast Interview

Episode 342 FPN Lainie Liberti on Worldschooling

November 26, 2014

Special guest Lainie Liberti on what exactly is worldschooling and how it’s identical to unschooling, but with a huge classroom.   What is a learning community?  What Lainie sees as the future of homeschooling…and how I think she’s right. Listen to the episode here.


Worldschooling – Why a travel lifestyle led to Project World School

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December 8, 2014

Laine and Miro talk about their travel lifestyle and how it led to worldschooling and ultimately Project World School on


International Living

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.35.06 PMPage 11- Multiple Income Streams Fund World-Schooling Adventure

December 2014
Miro and Lainie Liberti are living an overseas life they love… and coming up with creative solutions to the challenges they face. Read article online here.


Worldschooling…a traveler’s story

November 13, 2014
Interview- “In conversations and posts about world and unschooling, I became interested to see how her son (the same age to many of my high school students who sat in my classroom in New York) was experiencing and learning through their travels. Here she shares her story of a shift in values, looking fear in the eye and seeing the world as a classroom.” Read the full interview here

EER 010: Lainie and Miro World Schooling Family Interview

June 22, 2015
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Podcast Interview
– Lainie and her son Miro are equal partners in their travels, and that’s one of the main reasons they believe it works so well. Leaving their home in Los Angeles in 2009 in what was supposed to be a 12-month journey. They knew after eight months that they wouldn’t be returning. Lainie and Miro were accidental unschoolers, and not hey are both passionate advocates for what is sometimes called World Schooling. As a world schooling family, Lainie and Miro encourage volunteering and global citizenship over possession-filled lifestyle. Listen to the epic podcast here!


Top 20 Budget Travel Bloggers of 2015

August 20, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.45.02 AMIf you’re after maximum adventure but have minimal funds, then read on. Here, our Top 20 budget travel bloggers can help you get the biggest bang for your buck. So what are you waiting for?