Lainie’s Day 2-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]

Lainie’s Day 2-Jungle Diary [PHOTO ESSAY]
July 6, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Day 2 –

Mom & Son In the Moment -The Jungle Nature Project

This is Lainie’s diary of Day 2. To read more about this project, be sure to read the project overview.

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6:17 – Rows of muddy boots, finding my perfect pair to take me on the journey.. My first choice of the day.

7:12 – Early start, (dreadfully early) but the sun finds it’s way through the trees to greet us. So excited to see what the day brings.

7:52 – On the water feeling reflective. Surfaces, above, below and in between. Sounds, sights and all sensations delight. Elements present.Like me.

9:22 – Looking upon the now, the still water, I am filled with gratitude. Thank you to the tiny boat that escorted us around Oxbow Lake. It was there, we witnessed so many fascinating miracles of life.

10:34 – My son climbs like Tarzan. Does he realize how primal this urge is? A parent’s pride is present.

11:09 – Quiet time, relaxing with fruit and a book. Loving life in the jungle.

1:02 – Coffee. The gift from the mountain gods.

2:10 – My time, the rain offers the perfect back drop chorus, our room feels fresh. No need for the lanterns just yet.

3:30 – Muddy boots in a line as their owners sit patiently onboard of our transport boat. Off the farm we go.

4:10 – Beautiful sweet chilies. A little hot, but mostly sweet. A treat to taste directly from the bush, something that rarely occurs in the city.

5:06 – Returning from the farm, the sun sets, more rain on it’s way!

7:41 – Joy fills my heart as I observe my son adapt to any situation, rain in the jungle, hiking, boat rides, a totally new environment, but his solace is found in his familiar. I can live with that.


This project made possible through collaboration with the folks from  Rainforest ExpeditionsTo learn more about their lodges, expeditions and tours in Peru’s beautiful Amazon jungle located in both Puerto Maldonado and Tambopata National Reserve, please visit their web site.