Infected-Chapter 3

Infected-Chapter 3
November 24, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

written by Miro

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Chapter 3

Sunny Days

Russel looked around and noticed that the city was chaotic. It always was chaotic, but not in the same way. There was blood everywhere, and the occasional corpse. There was a a deformed man up ahead. The woman accelerated and hit him dead on. Her motor cycle had two katanas pointing outwards. The walkers pale flesh was pierced by the two samurai swords.

She hit the brakes and the zombie slid right off and hit the ground. Russel nearly fell off the motorcycle when the woman drove over the body. It was still alive. After a couple minutes of driving through the empty streets, the motorcycle stopped.

“We’re Here,” she said. This was the first time she had talked to Russel in an hour.

Several questions flocked to Russels mind, but the one that was the loudest was. “What is your name?”. Russel proceeded to ask the woman.

“They call me Sunny.” She said, looking some where else. She took a step forward.

“Who are ‘they’?” Russel asked.

“Them.” She opened a door and there was an empty room on the other side. She had a very surprised look on her face.

There was blood smeared on the gray brick walls.


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