November 23, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Sleepy Little Beach Town

Street vendors in front of the playa

Miro and I made Trujillo, then Huanchaco our fist long term stop in Peru. First we stayed in Trujillo as the guest of a Couch Surfing host, then we moved to the neighboring beach community of Huanchaco.  It was not peak season, nor was it particularly warm, we loved the relaxed atmosphere and the quaint feeling of this tourist beach city.

The main beach with the famous banana reed boats


Miro and I loved the famous banana boats that the locals use for fishing, the beach and some surfing. In Huanchaco there many accommodation options from upscale beach front hotels to backpacker hostels. But since we preferred to stay there a couple of months, we looked for a an apartment to rent so we live, cook , explore new hobbies, take in the local sites and, of course,  relax. And, yes, we did find a reasonably priced furnished apartment one to rent.

Miro having a painting lesson in our Huanchaco apartment

Huanchaco felt calm to us, after our first week in peru in Mancora. Huanchaco is famous for their beautiful coast line, wonderful waves for surfing, abundant fishing and the historic banana boats  crafted in this part of Peru. These boats are made out of reeds and are still used today by many of the locals. On Huanchaco’s main beaches Playa El Varadero and Playa La Curya, you will see the banana boats lining the shore with busy fisherman attaching contrasting green nets to the hull of these one-man vessels.

The famous banana boats

The Huanchaco sunsets were quite beautiful and all and all, I characterize our time in this beautiful beach front oasis as tranquillo.

The beautiful Huanchaco sunset


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