Infected-Chapter 5

Infected-Chapter 5
February 28, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

written by Miro

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Chapter 5

The Metro

The loud noise of the motorcycle engine was starting to annoy Russel. They had been on a road heading to the exit of the city. Everywhere they looked, there were buildings on fire and screams for help. Russel and Sunny had reached the exit of the city, but, as Sunny guessed, the military had quarantined the city. They had built a large parameter out of cars, fence pieces, barbed wire and anything they could have found.

“We could probably squeeze through here.” said Russel.

“Shh! Wouldn’t you think that the military would put men on watch, armed men at that?” Sunny whispered without looking over at Russel.

“Yeah, but I’m sure if we explain to them whats happened to u-”

“Don’t you understand what a quarentine is? No one gets in or out, infected or non-infected. Those men would probably shoot us before the blink of an eye. We have to find another way out of the city.” Sunny sounded frustrated.

“Why don’t we take the metro out side of the city? There’s a station just on the other side of this fence, and because the cities power grid hasn’t been turned off yet, it might just be our only chance.” Russel said, being a native to the city.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like we have another choice.” Sunny stated in agreement.

They made there way to the nearest metro station. There were a few infected in the station. They all slowly limped to the survivors. Sunny pulled off a katana from the motorcycle. She also tossed the other one to Russel. “What do you expect me to do with this!?” He asked.

“Go crazy with it!” Sunny yelled, while slicing up an infected. Russel unsheathed the long blade and took a swing, the infected was sliced in half.

“Watch out!” Sunny yelled.

Russel turned around and there was a walker right in front of him. It lounged at him, but he grabbed its neck and pushed it front of an oncoming train. The train slowed down at the station.

“Oh God! More incoming!” She pointed to the entrance of the metro station. Countless infected stumbled in to the station.

“Quickly, get on!” Russel yelled, as the glass doors of the train slided open. They both hopped on. The glass doors closed just in time, Sunny watched the horde of infected press there faces up against the glass. It nearly made her sick. The train took off.

Russel sat down on a bench. “Whoo, that was close.”

“Shh! I think I hear something.” She stood there for a second. “Wait, theres no time to rest, get up! Theres more infected in the next train car!”

The doors separating the two part train opened, and a couple of infected wandered in from the other car. Russel jumped up, grabbed a katana and went to work. “Get.. Out.. Of my train!” He yelled while slicing infected. He heard glass break. He quickly turned around and saw a large oversized hand crash through the glass doors and grab Sunny. It pulled her back through the glass doors.

“Heeelp!” she yelled.

“Wait Sunny! I’m coming for yo-” He was cut off by a large stomping noise. He turned his head and saw a large, round, and puss-filled infected. It curled up into a ball, and rolled into Russel at full speed. The sheer force of the impact sent him flying through the emergency doorin the back of the train. He was lying on the ground in the metro tunnel. “Sunny…” He muttered before fainting…


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