Infected-Chapter 4

Infected-Chapter 4
December 12, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

written by Miro

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Chapter 4

Road Trip

“Where are they!?’ She franticly walked around throwing pillows and cushions off a couch. It seemed like she was looking for something.

“I can’t believe those idiots left me to die.” She continued to dismantle the room.

Russel heard a slithering sound in the next room over. He tried to get Sunny’s attention, but she was to busy making a mess of the place. He realized it was probably wild life taking the city back over. Sunny stopped moving.

She had found something. A note addressed to her:

“To Sunny. We have to go. The undead our knocking on the door, and every one’s starting to panic. We’ve gathered the most important resources and are heading out now. Come meet up with us. We’re probably heading to the country. Hope to see you soon. The survivors.”

She finished reading the note.

“Well. I guess we’re taking a road tri-” Her voice trailed off as she gasped for air. There was a long scaly tentacle coiled around her.

Russel quickly ran outside and unlatched one of the katanas off the motorcycle. He ran back inside and slashed the tentacle off Sunny. The thing fell to the ground. Its lower body had been cut off. Russel went in for the kill. He stabbed the wiggling torso through the heart and the sword stuck to the ground. The thing was pinned to the floor.

“What the hell was that!?” Russel shouted.

Sunny was leaning on a wall. She was shaking. “Sorry about that. I probably should have asked if you were alright first.”

“I’m fine. Just a little shaken up and short on air.” She shuttered, and stood up. “Lets go.” She took the sword out of the ground and latched it back onto the motorcycle. As Russel hopped on to the back, he noticed the torso crawling towards the bike. “That just isn’t natural.” Sunny said while shaking her head.

And with that, they were on the road again.


  1. Stevie from Sprinterlife 12 years ago

    Keep ’em coming Miro!! Great suspense!u00a0

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