Infected-Chapter 2

Infected-Chapter 2
November 3, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

written by Miro

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Chapter 2

Not alone

Russel hid behind a hedge in his front yard. However, since it was shaped like a snake, he had difficulties doing so. He peered over at the street and it was dead. Not like the dead when there’s nobody around, but filled to the brim with undead. The young survivor tried to think of how he would escape, but mental images of him getting mauled didn’t help at all.

He decided to run for it.

He dashed through the crowd, pushing the confused zombies aside. Russel was this close to making it. This close. He tripped when his shoe got caught on a wire stuck in the ground.

The undead started to form a circle around him.

He franticly looked around for something to use, but it was useless.And just as he accepted his fate, Russel heard burning rubber, and then the zombies shrieking around him as they fell to the ground. It was a woman on a motorcycle. She had hit a ramp, drove above, and dropped a thin layer of acid on the undead circle. She stopped herself on the other side of the unconscious zombies.

“Come on, quickly! They won’t stay down for long.” She yelled.

And without hesitation, he hopped on to the back of the motorcycle. With a loud engine type sound, they were off.

He watched as the unconscious zombies became mere specks on the horizon, and his home eventually disappeared as well. And after a couple of minutes, he was homesick. He missed the comfort of it all. He knew it would be awhile before he would feel that again.

It was a dangerous world out there, and if he’d want to survive, he’ll have to learn to cope.


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  1. Theodora 13 years ago

    Great writing, Miro! Really suspenseful and powerful… I hope it inspires Z to try his hand at longer fiction. Well done! Can’t wait for the next installment….

  2. JennAthomeintheworld6 13 years ago

    Wow I am impressed! Very well written Miro! My 10 yr old started a novel half a yr ago. She only wrote about 7-8 chapters and hasn’t returned to it. I’ll have my kids read yours to inspire them. My boys will LOVE this! u00a0Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!nJenn

  3. Wandering Educators 13 years ago

    more, more!! i am intrigued! you did a masterful job with the suspense.

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