Infected-Chapter 1

Infected-Chapter 1
October 27, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Hello viewers! I have been working on a new story and thought I should post the first chapter here. If I get enough positive feed back i’ll continue posting the story. Please leave feed back!

written by Miro

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Chapter 1

The beginning of the end.

It was a cold and breezy night. Russel peered out the window. He was flipping channels, looking for something even remotely entertaining. He stumbled across the news, and then noticed the reporter glancing around franticly. He lowered the remote, and skeptically watched.The reporter explained that there was a virus that turned people into homicidal cannibals. There was a loud scream that nearly made Russ fall out of his chair. The scream was followed by a loud thud, and then, more screaming. Russel quickly got up and ran to his tool shed. He grabbed a shovel and went outside, only to find a bloody pile of bones and scraps of flesh. He then rushed back into his house, and called the police, but the lines we’re busy. All of them. He looked out the window nervously. He became even more nervous when he heard something scratching away at his front door. He grabbed a back pack, and filled it with some cans of food, a med-kit, and a jug of water. He also grabbed a crowbar, putting the shovel down. He ran past the television just missing the part where the reporter explained to aim for the head. In fact, the reporter couldn’t stress enough to aim for the head. The thing that was clawing at his door, had busted through. Russel then burst through the back door, and ran for his life.


  1. I liked this Lainie.u00a0 I’d like to see where it goes…

  2. nuria 9 years ago

    Awesome start!

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