Living Without the Norm

Living Without the Norm
November 21, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Written by Miro Siegel

So, what do I live without, really?

After travelling for almost 2 and a half years I’ve come to realize I am unique. I am unique in the sense that I don’t have a schedule. I am unique in the sense that the rules of society don’t apply to me. I am unique in the sense that I can be spontaneous. I’ve also realized that most children (or people in general) don’t ever get a chance to break free from the system.

So, what do I live without, really?

All of that clutter. The things I don’t need. I live without the schedule, and the rules of society can’t hold me down. The only things that can hold me down, are the things in my backpack.

Advice for other kids about to start on this lifestyle?

Be spontaneous. That four syllable word says it all. Be flexible, and don’t shy away from an adventure. Enjoy the little things. That’s what life is about. Having ‘stuff’ is not as important as you once thought it was. I know.


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  1. Alexandra George 13 years ago

    What do you consider the rules of society to be?

  2. Great post Miro! You and your mom are incredible!

  3. Great post Miro! You and your mom and incredible!

  4. Jessie 13 years ago

    Well said Miro, hope all is well in Peru. u00a0We miss you in Bau00f1os.

  5. Lisawsdream 13 years ago

    Hi Miro,nnHow amazing that you are living the lifestyle that most kids only dream about! I love how you are embrace your life without the norm.nnCheersLisa

  6. The Nomadic Family 13 years ago

    Right on Miro. I love that you recognize how blessed you truly are to get to learn and taste and experience these things that so many others will never know in the system. You and your mom are so very blessed to live the way you do. I look forward to more of your writing. Maybe, I’ll show the kids that you wrote, and they’ll consider it too!nnMuch light to you, nnWe just arrived in Ecuador and hope to cross paths with you guys soon,nnGabi

  7. Great post, Miro. u00a0I love how clearly you think about what you are doing. u00a0

  8. Diya 13 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Miro. I’m enjoying reading about your and your Mom’s travels.n

  9. Christine 13 years ago

    Dear Miro,nthank you for your advice! We are a family of 5 (three boys at the age of 5, almost 10 and almost 12). We are planning to leave our home in Germany in summer 2013 for a one year trip through Europe, Asia and Near East. The boys attend a democratic school similar to Sudbury Valley School as homeschooling is illegal in Germany.nI wish you lots of interessting experiences on your journey!nChristine

  10. Heather 13 years ago

    Incredibly insightful post Miro.u00a0 Love that you already know how good you have it.

  11. With2kidsintow 13 years ago

    Well said, Miro–‘having stuff is definitely not as important as you once thought it was’!!!u00a0 Wish more people would ‘get’ that!

  12. Way to live without all the clutter, Miro! u00a0You’re right…it is freeing!!

    • ilainie 13 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! Soooooo freeing!

  13. Eric 12 years ago

    Well said Miro…

    Stuff is just there to collect dust. Far better to go out and explore and have fun without all the stuff holding you back! 🙂

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