100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #21

100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #21
November 19, 2013 Miro Sevin Siegel


I don’t want to go home

I walk through the gloomy and gray city streets of New York. Rain is being thrown down in buckets. I really should be looking for shelter, but what does it matter? I have no place to go anyways.

I can’t believe they threw me out. I regret telling them I’m an atheist. All of this could have been averted if I had just kept my mouth shut. But still, they’re my family! I would think that they would be more supportive of me. But no, instead they became the heartless bastards they are. Can’t they see I’m still the same person? Just because I don’t believe in some imaginary man floating in the clouds, watching my every move? Deciding if I’m naughty or nice? And not to mention the zombie space jew that was Jesus. Man, I love George Carlin.

I bump into someone. I stammer forward as I apologize. The man shouts back at me, relentlessly. People are cruel.

If this so called god made people in his image, he must be a real asshole.

I really want to go home. I miss them already, with all of their fanaticism. But my beliefs are important too.

I have to put myself first.

I broke into a sprint for the newspaper distributer. I have to find an apartment, or a place to stay. I bumped into another person. She looked astonishingly like me. I watched her get into a taxi.

I found somebody who needed a roommate and I move in with him. It turns out that he has contacts in the fashion world and said that I would become a perfect model.

I’ve always dreamt of being a model.

Things just turn out perfectly, don’t they?

Twenty years have passed.

I’m now too old to be a model, but my savings have lasted me this long, and it seems like
they’ll hold out for awhile longer. I have nothing to fill my days with. I have no family, no love interest. My life lacks the stability that I need. I’m isolated. Thats why I turned to god. I have no doubt that he’s up there, that he’s forgiven me for my sins. He is my master, lord and savior. I can only wonder what would have happened to me had I gone home. I’ll never know, and it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re having a church meetup tonight. Something about a quick trip to heaven was mentioned, and I’m all for it.

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  1. Emy 9 years ago

    The other side… My brother always says: “the more you believe in god the less you you have fun, the more you have fun, the less you need to believe in god”. Hehe.

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