NEW PROJECT: 100 Stories- 100 Days

NEW PROJECT: 100 Stories- 100 Days
July 29, 2013 Miro Sevin Siegel

It’s a New Project!!

Alright, so I’m starting a new project called 100 stories- 100 days, which means I’m going to be writing a story a day for the next 100 days. I’m going to post every other story on our website, and the others will be published in an Ebook as a complete collection when the series is finished.


This is where you come in.

Post a comment below, or on our facebook page, or send us an email, with a title for a short story and a genre you want me to write it in, and I’ll make it happen.

I’m trying all new genres and styles of writing and I think this would be great practice!



P.S. My favorite genre is suspense.

P.S.S I don’t take vampires seriously. Don’t try it.

Here’s a link to short story #1–  You can find all the stories in the series by clicking on this link 100 stories- 100 days. (Bookmark it if you want to.)


  1. Lynne 11 years ago

    Hi, Miro. Thanks for accepting suggestions. I thought it might be an interesting challenge for you to write a short love story. Nothing too icky-sweet, but maybe a short story about two girls falling in love or just realizing they like each other as more than friends–maybe that’s double the challenge since you’re a guy. Have fun with this and best wished in your endevour!

  2. Wandering Educators 11 years ago

    Very excited! I’d love to read something steampunk! Title: It’s all in the eyes…

    (BTW, have a young adult short story group, lmk if you want to join in!)

  3. Adventures Unlimited 11 years ago

    Great idea! Take your pick or do both if you want.

    Genre: Adventure
    Title: Swallowed by the Sea

    Genre: Comedy
    Title: The Gift that Bites

  4. Andrea 11 years ago

    Very cool, I look forward to reading them all.

  5. Diane 11 years ago

    Here are some genres, feel free to alter titles!

    SciFi – Time Traveling on the Road, Avoid the Potholes .. and Portals

    Diary/Journal – Diary of a Wanderer

    Letters to Future Self – What You Really Need to Know About Kids

    News Report – Coming to You Live From …

    Song – Miro’s Theme Song

    Classified Ad – Companion Wanted

    Autobiographical Essay – All About Miro

    Ghost Story – Nothing to Fear

    Myth/Tall Tale/Fairy Tale – Once Upon a Time .. On the Road

    Interview someone you meet on the road

  6. Emy 11 years ago

    “The fragrance of hope”
    A poetic, nostalgic story

    “Shattered icecubes”
    A funny sci-fi story

    “Blue hemorrage”
    An aristocratic murder story with a butler

    “Blinking in the fog”
    A suspens story

    A ghost story with a twist

    “Glorious goodness”
    A story about animals and their generosity

    “Read the label!”
    An utopia/uchronia on how the world changed to become better

  7. Cat 11 years ago

    The Marble Giver—-Juvenile Fiction

  8. SAHD 11 years ago

    The day the sun stood still.
    (24 hours of sunshine on one side of the earth and 24 hours of darkness)

  9. H-Bomb 11 years ago

    Hills — U5, W3
    A coming-of-age tale set in a dystopian world.

  10. Wendy NerdRage Vermeers 11 years ago


    It’ll give you inspiration to write.

    Also, suggestion for a story:

    Genre: Revenge Plot
    Title: Slowly

  11. Tammy 11 years ago

    Autobiography: “Footprints across the Sky”

  12. isobel williams 11 years ago

    How about this…

    Title: The Plum
    Genre: juicy suspense

    I enjoy following you guys and all your antics.

    Isobel ,Mum to two no schoolers – Quebec Canada

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