100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #19

100 Stories- 100 Days – Short Story #19
October 16, 2013 Miro Sevin Siegel

Sorry for the wait. I put the project aside for a little while, and then we went traveling, and then my computer died. Anyhoo, I’m coming back to this project now!




Reporting From the Mara’non Incident

Debris and rubble fly through the empty vacuum as the Mara’non bursts into pieces. The scene is astonishing from the small, news ship.

Nothing could be heard over the deafening roar.

“Good starturn, I’m Ikiwa Poje bringing you tonights top story! I’m here at galactic node 3-C7, in the Channel Z new ship, observing where the mighty Mara’non cruiser is collapsing in on itself. The Mara’non was en route to Poyte, an uninhabited planet often used for experimentation of new technology, but their reason for the trip is unknown.” She has to shout to be heard.

The ship collapses further in on itself, and a piece of debris flew from it.

“The ship is still being destroyed, but the reason for it is unknown. Eye witnesses report that it
exploded with no apparent reason, so it wasn’t bandits. It is very possible that the engine had
a sudden failure, which is not uncommon in the Cruiser-43I.”

The piece of debris kept getting closer and closer.

“And I’m afraid that’s all the time we have. I’m Ikiwa Poje, and you stay classy universe!”

“Alright Ikiwa! Solid report!” The cameraman, Joiden Inigo, pats her on the back.

The piece of debris is almost upon the ship.

“Thanks. I really didn’t have a lot of information, so that one was quite difficult.”

The piece of debris smashes into the front of the dainty scout ship. The vessel began to shake and both the reporter and the cameraman fall to the ground. Getting up, she turns around to see what had caused the turbulence. Joiden is on the ground, unconscious.

Hanging onto the compressed glass windshield was a gore spattered mechanical construct, with a piece of paper attached to it.

It read “It was me”.

What is this? it’s part of the NEW PROJECT: 100 Stories- 100 Days – Send your suggestions for stories by submitting a title and genre and I’ll write it!

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  1. Emy 11 years ago

    Glad you’re back!
    Perfect story: short, sharp and wide-open!

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