Birthday Chocolate- What Could Be Better? [VIDEO]

Birthday Chocolate- What Could Be Better? [VIDEO]
October 16, 2012 Lainie Liberti
Making chocolate at the Choco Museo

Chocolate Happiness

Making chocolate at the Choco MuseoLast Saturday I turned 46. It was a scary number and the only thing I wanted to do, was to be inspired and spend the day with my son, learning, laughing and just being present with whatever the day offered. I started my day reading this touching post written by my son. Then we began our beautiful morning we bagel from our favorite bagel restaurant in Cusco.

Then we decided to walk through the welcoming city we are so blessed to call home now. Then, an inspired idea happened.


What about taking a class at the Choco Museo here in Cusco? We strolled into the museum without knowing what time the classes start, if there was any space for us or even how much it costs. But as wonderful as the day turned out, there was an opening in the class about to start in 20 minutes, and were even offered a discount to the 70 soles prices (roughly $25 per person) because it was my birthday. And so, the next few hours we learned about the history of chocolate starting with the learning about the cocoa plant, how to process the bean, and finally making our own chocolate candies.  I made the combinations: chocolate / coffee, chocolate / coconut and chocolate / chili.

What a delicious experience!

We made a video of our day, hope you enjoy it!




Music for this video provided by Josh Woodward, based on Creative Commons license- song called “Coffee”. 

Thanks and gratitude once again to  Sashya Amee & Mikki Michele  for upgrading my computer so we can approach video as a new way to share our travel and unschooling experiences with you. So much love and appreciation to both of you!

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  1. Alice Wenzel 11 years ago

    I loved this! What fun 🙂 And I just realised that we are both Librans! I’m born on October 4 🙂


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