Discovering Spock

Discovering Spock
July 22, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Proof extraterrestrials exist

Today we were able to enjoy Discover Mexico. Did I say enjoy? It was actually interesting to say the least. It is the most expensive and important attraction on the island (with the exception of swimming with the dolphins).

Discover Mexico was really two things, a indoor (air conditioned) museum housing Mexican folk art and the grounds which had a walking tour, of models of all the important architectural and historic sites in Mexico, built at a scale of 1 to 25. The models were arrange by creation date and included the pyramids from both the Mayans and the Aztecs and the Toltecs all the way through to the Colonial buildings in Mexico City.

The grounds were huge and because every model was built to the same scale, we could see how each one compared in size to another. I am not sure if it was because it was so hot, but again, we were the only ones there. So, Miro and I decided to make a little mischief. We have a little toy Spock with is, and we decided to place him on all of the model pyramids and take pictures, hoping finally this would prove the ancient Mayan culture did come from extraterrestrial roots.

After playing –I mean appreciating the attraction, we returned to the air conditioned main room. There we met Israel, the marketing and publicity manager. He was extremely knowledgeable about the history of Mexico and filled in blanks for us. (me, really, Miro wasn’t that interested) He helped us understand the history of Mexico from the ancient civilizations (briefly) and the integration of the Spanish culture. The Spaniards were very concerned with blending both cultures, preserving some of the cultural identity of the Indians. As he was speaking, I thought about the difference between the Spaniards approach to conquering to the Saxons, settlers of the United States. I realized the Saxons systematical conquered and killed the American Indians and the Spaniards integrated and fused both cultures. I know it’s little simplistic, but there are definitely some truths there to examine and looking at both cultures, which one is more integrated in humanity. After all, within today’s United States, you can still see that deep seeded attitude present through our imperialistic approach to the world….

Tonight we had dinner with Ivan, our host.

I learned the Mayans are believed to have come from the stars, travelers from another planet another time. They took human forms here on earth, but the culture constantly tried to modify their appearance to mimic their old appearance on their distant planet. They bound their heads to oblong their skull. They also trained their young to stare for hours at a time to develop a cross eyed appearance. (not so pretty by today’s standards)

Ivan,is of Mayan decent and believes they did this to develop their peripheral vision and not get fooled by the illusion of what they saw. I believe it. Ivan was actually able to fill in some of the beliefs that we didn’t get through the history at the Discover Mexico park, and spoke of how many believe that after 200 years, the Mayans returned to their original planet and the culture and customs that were set in place were there for humans to follow.

Only those customs became infused with lower vibration energy and as the Aztecs brought the tradition of killing and sacrifice into the culture, it all became a shell of what it really was. In other words, Mayan culture was no longer the higher vibration way of life or tradition it was intended to be. Only this is not the info we’d learn in the history books, but every Mayan believes it…


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