Evolver 2013 :: What Comes Next? moderated by Daniel Pinchbeck

Evolver 2013 :: What Comes Next? moderated by Daniel Pinchbeck
April 28, 2009 Lainie Liberti


Last night I attended an inspirational talk given by a visionary panel of speakers, all whom shared their thoughts on humanity, the planet, 2013 and beyond.

The evening was moderated by Daniel Pinchbeck, whom I had the pleasure of seeing speak last month at another Project Butterfly event. Each of the visionary speakers on the panel shared their insights and practical means in which applying their disciplines to co-creating a healthy “now” on this planet aligned with sustainability.

Daniel Pincebeck shared his vision of a newly launched social network ( evolver.net ) that serves to connect community both on and offline surrounding the idea of activating one another thought teach-ins, activism and community.

Dr. Ryan Wartena ( www.icelsystems.com ) spoke of redefining the paradigm of currency by adapting power consumption as a measurable unit of wealth. Instead of basing commerce on dollars, we’d trade kilowats, etc.. Through this new model of economy, a new paradigm of energy consumption, storage, sustainability and sharing would have to be adapted, and that’s exactly what he’s working on.  Facinating!

Larry Santoyo ( www.earthflow.com ) spoke of permaculture design as an example of self sustaining models based on nature. His examples of wholly sustainable ecosystems where amazing, from water filtration systems, waste control and edible gardens.

John Marshal Robers (www.jmarshallroberts.com ) spoke of transformational design though the psychology of communication, appealing to the most basic human element, love.

Lisa Renee (www.energeticsynthesis.com )  blew me away with her message of quantum energy, effecting energy shifts upon the planet and their connection to human consciousness. She spoke of human consciousness is shifting from the 3rd dimension of “ego” to the forth dimension  of spirit of love and that’s what the planetary shift represents in terms of 2012. Her message simply was, the energy already exists inside, tap into that and be peace.

Fidel Rodriguez of Divine Forces Media (www.divineforces.org ) and of Divine Forces Radio (in which I was a huge fan when it was on KPFK) spoke of his groundbreaking work with incarcerated individuals mostly Black and Latino and economical challenged communities. He makes a connection between personal responsibility as linked to traditions of ancestry like those of the Aztec and others. His work is accessible, human, authentic and highly inspirational.



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