Ecuador. 10 Days. No computer. BLISS

Ecuador. 10 Days. No computer. BLISS
March 3, 2014 Lainie Liberti

My relationship to technology:

Before we left on our trip, things were different. I worked with technology every day. But I do remember a time before my laptop and I were fused together. I had computer(s), yes, but back then, I refused to own a laptop.


Because I knew myself. I owned and ran a busy a design / branding agency and I was a workaholic. I spend at least 60+ hours a week in front of my duel giga-something apples in the office loft, (which for many years also happened to where I resided).
For what reason could I possibly need a laptop too?

My fear was, I’d take the laptop into my bed and never get any separation from work, technology and being connected. I’d never have a break.

Yes. I know myself. WELL.

I was a self proclaimed work-aholic for oh so many years. Prior to our travels, it was worse. I am committed, I am passionate and I am focussed. And I knew one thing for sure: Back then, I WOULD INDEED HAVE TAKEN MY LAPTOP INTO BED WITH ME. Without a doubt.

I bought my first laptop for our trip and for the last five years, my laptop has been my lifeline. I use my laptop to earn a living, to stay connected with friends and family and even to provide entertainment watching movies and tv shows and listening to music.

I couldn’t imagine traveling long-term without a laptop. I couldn’t work without one, support ourselves, or manage to stay connected. So, when Miro and I decided to travel to Ecuador for 10 days and we decided to both go without our personal laptop computers, it was a monumental decision for both of us. (I am not saying we didn’t use the internet cafes once a day to check in, but it was an intentional choice at that point, rather than wasting hours in front of our computers.)


So, what happened as a result of this little experiment?

Besides the obvious (not being in front of the computer all day and night) I noticed some miraculously wonderful side effects of being computer-free:

  1. Miro and I did not have to worry about leaving our valuable computers in our hostel room while we were out enjoying the beach.
  2. Miro and I spent all of our time together interacting and playing (multiple card and chess games) with one another
  3. Miro and I laughed so much together, the days seemed to be filled with nothing but laughter and joy
  4. Miro and I experienced the days as being longer and we had more time.
  5. Miro and I were more present at every meal, every interaction, every activity.
  6. Miro and I exercised creative ways to entertain ourselves; taking walks, pretending we were super-spies, drawing in the sand and making new friends.

Sometimes, you gotta just take a break.

Sometimes you gotta give yourself a few computer-free days, whether you are traveling or not.

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  1. Lindsey 10 years ago

    I love this! It’s so hard to get a technology detox these days. I’m glad you were able to step back and breathe on this trip.

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