Improv for Travelers! [VIDEO]

Improv for Travelers! [VIDEO]
April 30, 2012 Lainie Liberti

What are the benefits of taking an improv class for the traveler?

There are plenty–it’s a skill that encourages and focuses on developing verbal interaction. That means knowing what to say, how to say it, and when. But mostly, it’s about agreeing with whatever is in the flow.

Go with the flow….

And when Miro and I read that there was an Improv class for English speakers, here in Lima, we immediately signed up. Besides being a fun activity we can share with each other, it’s occurred to us, as travelers, improv offers some unique benefits.

Traveling is inevitably a social activity. If you can speak the language in whatever country you’re visiting, then you can practice the lessons to be learned in an  comedy class. But if you don’t speak the language, it’s about being open to the situation and communicating via all the tools you have at your disposal, ranging from pantomiming to your overall attitude. Yes, your attitude or outlook is actually a tool!! As a traveler, you need to be able to talk to people. You are not just visiting random destinations, you’re visiting the homes,  workplaces filled with personal histories of real people. Understanding how to interact in a positive way and thinking on your feet, increases your chances of having a meaningful cultural exchange.

Many times, what commonly limits our social interaction is awkwardness that’s caused by little or no confidence. Naturally, this poses a problem for the traveler. How are you to ask for directions, or any sort of information, if you fear talking to strangers? This is one of the first things addressed in improv. It’s less about dialogue or the actual words spoken, it’s about an equal exchange of positive energy. I have positive energy and I’m passing that along to the person I’m with, we’ve created a meaningful exchange. Simple.


“Yes, and….”

By putting yourself into a situation, sometimes out of your comfort zone, and practicing the “yes, and…” techniques learned in improv classes,  you’re practicing the fundamental skills of social interaction–skills you can then apply in real-world settings, whether during your travels or just in everyday life.

Let’s not forget, improv also teaches spur-of-the-moment interaction, as well as the creation and development of new ideas. We’ve learned through many improv exercises to let go, go with the flow and not to be so contrived with our preconceived ideas.

Kinda like life.

Kinda like travel.

Kinda like the most memeorable experiences Miro and I have had together on this journey.

When you learn to be comfortable with pushing a scene as far as you can take it, the most successful interactions are those when you make your partner shine. Give them more information to work with and support and hand off positive energy, you’ll be surprised with the outcome! We are and we’re loving it!

So, with improv helping you build self-confidence and churn out good ideas faster, I can see nothing but the utmost benefits to would-be the traveler. How about using these newly found skills when  trying to decipher  bad directions, dealing with a language barrier, or worse, trying to safely talk your way out of a potentially hostile situation. Perhaps  one of best things that a traveler can learn form improv is effective teamwork. In improv, you’ll get used to being around a variety of different personality types in a variety of different situations. And conflict, whoa!  Improv gives you the tools to deal with any situation in a positive way.  So, find out for yourself and have some fun in the making. If you are a traveler, experience the benefits for yourself, and sign up for a class today!

If you are traveling to Lima and would like take the class we are taking or learn more information from our wonderful teacher, visit this site or send us an email and we’ll put you personally in touch with Lucho.


  1. This is very cool! As we’ve discussed privately, I did improv for 8 years and even ran my own improv company for a while, teaching others how to do musical improv (my specialty). Improv has so much to teach anyone– whether travelers or otherwise– about how to live a better life, I cannot recommend taking classes enough. If you’re curious, here’s a sample of the improvised musical show we did last year:

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