Families on the Move – Meet the Family Behind South America Living

Families on the Move – Meet the Family Behind South America Living
July 13, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Families on the Move

We have been blessed to connect with many amazing families online, all of whom have adapted a travel lifestyle in one form or another.  We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to them here and highlight the positive aspects travel has had on their families. Welcome our interview series called Families on the Move. Miro & I are honored to a part of this global community we consider our extended family.

Meet the Amazing Family Behind SouthAmericaLiving.com

Molly – Single Mom, lover of travel, of learning what folks are like outside of what I already know and making new friends.  Enjoy writing about it after.
Blake – awesome biliterate teen (Spanish/English), makes friends wherever we are with one expat commenting after driving around a little town in Mexico and waving to everyone he knew… “It’s like being with a movie star” – the kid gets around.
Buster – stubbornest family member, likes to eat and jump (saltar in Spanish), then eat some more.
Tiger – likes next to no one, except the family members listed above.  Hunts and eats anything that crawls or flys, including bed bugs; great hostal dog.

Buster & Tiger at the airport in Ecuador


Where are you now, where have you been and how long have you been traveling?

We just returned to the U.S. after nine years abroad and are happy to be here though already have upcoming trips in the planning stage.  We have lived in Southern Spain (when Blake was 4 years old) where I taught English briefly and had to return to the U.S.  Then left again in 1994, first to Mexico for three years (Mazatlan, Baja) then a 16 month or so journey through Central America to Argentina.  Lived in Guatemala, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay for extended stays up to a year.

Why do you travel as a family?

I’d have a hard time leaving my son behind.  Wanted more adventure and opportunity than the post ‘tech crash’ environment in the U.S. offered me plus wanted to raise a bilingual child.

What are some of the benefits your family has experienced as a result your travels?

A closeness and bond that can never be replaced, time together that would never have been possible with a 9-5 single, working Mom schedule in the U.S. and experiences we could never have afforded in the states: surfing trips, parasailing, hiking to waterfalls hidden behind beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, zip lining, eating out at restaurants regularly.

Blake & sealion on Galapagos Islands

What inspired you and your family to incorporate travel into your lifestyle?

Life circumstances more than inspiration I’d have to say!  The tech crash, not being able to afford a home and having to plan life on a limited income mixed with my earlier days traveling pre-baby (age 24 in Asia and Europe) and wanting to live abroad that never quite left me.

How do you address education while you are traveling?

Homeschooled as much as was possible, as we could manage with moving around so much, winged the rest and hoped for the best!  Now Blake will be entering highschool in the U.S through the public school K-12 program and we are both looking forward to it.  I’m grateful to have some of the stress of moderating schooling and providing curriculum taken off my shoulders.

How do you and your family experience being global citizens?

Simply as being part of the world, as being human.  No one is separate, we are all just visitors here is one way to look at it, wherever you choose to call home, wherever we happen to be.

Buying a bra in the outdoor market of Tupiza, Boliva from a 70-year-old or so man and trying it on for size in front of him (outside of my shirt, of course)… it’s all about going local.   Seriously, there have been too many to count, and usually involve others in addition to ourselves and two furry, four-legged buddies.

Can you share one story from your travel experiences when you and your family had an “aha moment”.

So many ‘hugs and bonding’ moments, hard to choose a specific one but in general I would say making decisions together, standing together as a family team through many varied experiences abroad.

What’s next?

Strangely enough, to stay put in the states for a bit and plan trips abroad as opposed to making another long-term permanent move abroad.  At least for the time being.

Name: Molly


  1. Arianwen 12 years ago

    That’s very brave trying on underwear in a market. I like to hide in the changing rooms just to see what jackets look like, just in case I’ve made a massive error of judgement! I think I need to get over that! 🙂

    • Molly 12 years ago

      Sorry so late, I should have checked back to this page, hanging out in Lainie & Miro’s room this a.m. 🙂 Too funny and I had no choice! But do keep in mind, I did not undress, it was held up over my T-shirt, yet it was a man that was ‘sizing’ me up, along with the sweet lady selling something or other across the way who told him to go up a size… 🙂

      Fun times and I make massive errors in judgement all the time, need to work on it as well 🙂

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