On the Road for 3 Years – We Answer Your Questions! [VIDEO]

On the Road for 3 Years – We Answer Your Questions! [VIDEO]
July 12, 2012 Lainie Liberti

Ask Us Anything!

We asked if you had any questions for us, and it turns out you did! So, in honor of our first 3 Years on the Road, we were honored to answer your questions. If you’d like for this to be an ongoing feature, we’d be happy to continue, just let us know by leaving a comment below or sending us a question using our contact form here.


  1. Cate Brubaker 12 years ago

    I loved this podcast! And I have a question for Miro, if you decide to do something like this again. 

    Miro, since you and your mom answered a question regarding her issues with dating while traveling, I wanted to ask you one of a similar nature. As you are growing up on the road, how do you think you will handle dating situations that may arise in the future? 

  2. Cate Brubaker 12 years ago

    And a second part of the question is for Lainie… how will you handle a future romance for Miro while you both are traveling?

    • Author
      ilainie 12 years ago

      A big ‘ugh..’ I promise to answer this on our next Q & A, but as of yet, I’ve been a total failure in this department.

  3. Samee22 12 years ago

    Is it really necessary to “phase-your-beneficial-skills-out?  We all develop skills ‘along-the-way’ which continue to serve to our benefit.  It is obvious that you have developed a good amounting of skills, which serve to your benefit your unconventional choices.  Instead of ‘phasing out’ the benefit of the skills you have obviously arrived upon by setting your ‘undivided-focus-to-task’, I see you incorporating these ‘learned skills’ to take you to the next level of Life’s experiencings.  NOW!  Whattayathink about that?

  4. Author
    ilainie 12 years ago

    Thanks Cate for the questions! We’ll answer those for sure on our next video response. Keep your eyes open for that!

    I am not phasing out my skills, I’m trying to phase out my need to work using them. Doing design and consulting is very time consuming and somewhat stressful and I reached almost a total burnout after 20 years in the industry. Now, I’d like to take on choice projects because I want to, not because I need to. I still have a deep love for branding, design and visual communications, but our efforts now are more geared towards sharing our life experiences on this blog, inspiring others, and exploring the natural learning (unschooling) and supporting others with their dreams.

    So… whattayathink about that?

  5. Samee 12 years ago

    Well now . . . as I see ‘it’, your deep love for branding reflects how you are choosing to “share your life experiences on your blog”, your deep love for design is portrayed by your conscious intent to “inspire others” via your adventuresome tales (you do have a way with words), and your deep love for visual communications is indicated by all the pictorial references you have gathered upon your sight to “explore natural learning (in the operative sense of the term) while supporting others with their dreams”. Hmmmmm . . . ‘it’ appears that you that you are using all your skills and not because you “need to” but because you “want to”.

    And that, is what I think about ‘that’.

  6. Michael 12 years ago

    I cant help but wonder about this non-schooling thing you have going on. I really dont see how Miro can have enough knowledge to even sit for a high school diploma exam much less an SAT. I understand that higher learning is not for everyone. Having a diploma and degree is not just about getting a job and starting a career of choice but this is also about a foundation of basic formal knowledge that you will never be able to get from traveling and choosing to study what you want.

    I would have no problem if my now 14 year old son never wanted to start a typical career or job but only after he had the basic education which the foundation for anything in anyones life.

    Me and my son are leaving the states next week for first time to eastern Europe. Selling the house and all our possessions and we are going to start a new life. I already signed him up for a school in the town and I will do everything I can to ensure he goes to college. I also went to school, got my degree but never used it towards a job since I am entrepreneur at heart and if he turns out to be the same then great but not without a basic education.

    To eaches own but I really dont see how you can allow your child to not have a basic formal education. Do you not fear that you are not giving him what he deserves? Do you not feel guilty that as a parent you are not providing for him?

    Anyway, I enjoy your stories.

  7. maxine 12 years ago

    i just came across your blog, i love this video!
    pls can you share some details like:
    how did you set up the blog?
    how did you enable the payment facility? were you able to do it yourself?
    what video camera are you using? (it has good quality image & sound)
    i’m planning an india trip and i’m interested in all and any tips you can give.
    with love and blessings.

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