History & Art in Baranco

History & Art in Baranco
June 4, 2012 Lainie Liberti

The Arts Capital of Lima

Lima, Peru has 43 districts, but none is as well known as Baranco.

The historic and artistic distract of Lima called Baranco is home to many of the regions artists, musicians, photographers, theaters and designers. And this is also the very place we’ve been taking our improv classes.

Baranco is considered to be the romantic and bohemian part of the city. In the 1800s, Baranco was a beach resort, drawing the aristocracy from hundreds of miles. The beaches continue to be popular, especially among surfers.

One scenic place in Baranco is the walkway to the sea or the Puente de los Suspiros meaning the bridge of sighs. The walkway has grand houses on each side and is home to prominent members of the city. The legend of the walkway is based on a wealthy man’s daughter who fell in love with a street sweeper. Since her father did not allow the union, she would sit at her window and watch him until she become an elderly spinster.

The artistic talents of Baranco’s residents  are numerous.

Chabuca Granda, the region’s famous singer and composer, was from Barranco. The district is known for its architecture and has many houses built in the Republican and colonial style. A renowned contemporary art museum is also in Baranco, the MAC. For a step back into colonial art, the Museo Pedro de Osma is home to one of the country’s largest collections. Artists come from around the world to this district to learn more about art and experience all that the area has to offer.

In addition to the art of the region, the district is home to world-renowned penas, where visitors flock to hear Peruvian music shows. Baranco is a popular destination. Their rich history and artistic achievements draw people from around the world, interested in experiencing the beauty of the district. The perfect destination for art lovers, Baranco, Lima is a haven for artists.



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