Photo Essay of a Purvian Playa & Pueblito

Photo Essay of a Purvian Playa & Pueblito
December 18, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Photo Essay in Dreamy Blues and Sandy Peaches

We were told there were sea turtles swimming near the pier of located in a little pueblo called Nuro. This small pueblo, or ‘pueblito’ is located just 40 minutes south of Máncora , so early one morning, we decided to see for ourselves. With great joy, we arrived to many large swimming sea turtles swimming just below the surface of the ocean, only briefly coming up for air. We watched in awe as these beautiful creatures swam  around the peir searching for scraps of fish left by the fishermen. Unfortunatley, they were too deep, and only briefly came up for air so I did not capture any good photographs of them. (I use a small Sony point and shoot camera, but hope someday to upgrade to SLR.)

After we watched the turtles for a good hour, we left the Nuro pier and explored the surrounding beach and pueblo. We hope you enjoy our photo essay or our day trip.



  1. Shara 11 years ago

    Love these pics!!!!! <3

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