Volunteering in Ecuador – Raising Funds

Volunteering in Ecuador – Raising Funds
March 23, 2011 Lainie Liberti

Lainie with 2 children in Taganga, Colombia

Volunteering & Raising Funds

Miro and I have committed to a wonderful volunteer opportunity in Ecuador, working in a program that provides free art programs to the children of Baños and the surrounding communities. Ecuador is a small country, and  Baños is a  a small town near the middle of the world surrounded by volcanoes and a landscape of spectacular beauty. Here we finda small group of people are working to create and grow a center of art,language and literature for the community where they live and work.

In the past we have volunteered in service of animals and children and have gained so much from our experiences.

Miro with a dog at the Animal Rights Action in Medellin, Colombia

Volunteering in Ecuador

The program is called Fundacion Arte del Mundo (FAM)
And we have committed to start our volunteering on May 15th.

Raising Money

As a rule, we never volunteer at programs that require a fee and this one does not. What we are raising money for is our living expenses for two people for two months. The cost for the room with two beds that Miro and I will be sharing for two months is only $250. That’s totally affordable. We are raising the additonal $500 so we have living expenses for those two months that cover food costs. If you can help us, we would be so grateful!!!



If you can help, even $5 helps us. The cost is extremely low and we require very little to live on while we are there. We will be bloging and podcasting our experiences while in Ecuador.

Check out this amazing video:

La Biblioteca Interactiva de Baños from turtlehugs on Vimeo.


  1. What you are doing with your son is amazing. Taking the leap into the great unknown without a security blanket must have been the most liberating feeling, the most terrifying too, but also the most exciting thingu2014finding the way to sustain it over time must give you the peace of mind and the courage of your conviction to carry on with your adventure. nnI would love to do the same some day, (with three kids, it is harder to imagine) but until I figure out how, will keep an eye on your adventure. It is great to know that you are out there, and at least somebody is living the dream the way I might have done it too.

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