My Crazy Dream- Influenced by Colombian Food?

My Crazy Dream- Influenced by Colombian Food?
March 22, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Written by Miro:

A few days ago I had a crazy dream.

It started like this:

My mom and I got off some sort of train, and then a Giant Rainbow bird, that sprouts balloons attacked me. I waved my arms frantically, and the bird flew away. Then, some guy shows up and I follow him.

We go to an empanada store, and I thought we were going to buy something, so I *Accidentally* Pocket 2 of them.

And then we keep walking.

Eventually I lost the guy I was following and I found myself composing a marching band.

Then, I randomly put the 2 empanadas onto my head, and then they turned into a samurai wig.

And then the whole marching band turned in to samurais and started jumping around. I took the wig off and it turned into the 2 empanadas again.

Then I woke up.


  1. JR Riel 11 years ago

    So did you eat it? Cause that’s what I’d do after all of that!

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