The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 14

The 1st 500 Days in Pictures, Part 14
December 25, 2010 Lainie Liberti

32 Photos of Words & Symbols Found on our travels in Central America

(part 2 of 2)

Words and symbols are all around us, sometimes part the environment but always part of the culture. Often times, we find the messages universal.

These are our 1st 500 Days of travel in pictures. Miro and I left on our journey on mid 2009 and (with the exception of one trip back to the states for Burning Man a month later) there has been no turning back! Our 1st 500 Days span from July 1, 2009 to November 13, 2010. To commemorate the 1st 500 Days, Miro and I have pulled 500 of our favorite images from our journey to share with you. We are releasing a new batch of photos every couple of days until we’ve shared all 500 of our favorite moments. So please do check back often. We are not professional photographers and like many, the reason we take photos is to help preserve memories of our travels. We invite you to peek into the moments that make our travels so special to us. Enjoy!

Here is Part 14 of The 1st 500 Days in Pictures – Words & Symbols found in the environment throughout Central America

A public message in Belize City, Belize.

Route 66! Which way do you wan to go, east or west?

Antigua, Gautemala.

Hill blocks view and sign blocks hill. Go figure.  Somewhere in Nevada.

Colegio Colonial Bilingue, Miro’s school in Antigua, Gautemala.

Arms and a cross. Antigua, Guatemala.

Billboard in Tecate, Mexico.

The Clam Man in San Filipe, Baja California, Mexico.

Unfinished jobs in San Filipe, Baja California, Mexico.

“Oh Shit Dip” (or is it “Oh Dip Shit”?), San Filipe, Baja California, Mexico.

The graffiti outside the restaurant Manola Carocol, Casco Viejo, Panama City.

Running rubber-muscle men crossing on the Cosway in Panama City, Panama.

No stinky dog poop in Panama City, Panama, please.

No Liberty in Bocas del Toro, Panama!

The Black Christ with a crow bar brought to you by pepsi in Portoblo, Panama.

MDCAAM – Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama.

Garage door, Casco Viejo, Panama City, Panama.

Translated to “The police cannot be at every door”… Good thing, that would be a total police state, in Panama City, Panama.

Smokin Marlborlos in Panama kills rats and cockroaches.

Translated to “The Green Alliance, The planet is for everyone to care for.” Beautiful sign  painted and erected by our friends Bubba, Elizabeth and Dixie in San Isidro, Costa Rica.

The painted building of Carita Feliz, Granada, Nicaragua.

The Banned Song List from Cafe No Se, Antigua, Guatemala. (ROTFL)

Love this graphic if the history of Guatemala, war and ancient tradition overlaying one another.

A book cover found at a book fair in Antigua, Guatemala.

“Black Power” image found in a book at a book fair in Antigua, Guatemala.

Graffiti wall in Antigua, Guatemala.

Managua, Nicaragua.

People with “bubble-butts” should walk slowly in Panama City, Panama.

Public Poetry in Panama City, Panama.

Daniel Ortega is Terror! Granada, Nicaragua.

“Hot meat pie” in Caye Caulker, Belize.
Enough Said.

“Be Pure and Abstain” the key to happieness on San Pedro, on the Ambergris Caye, Belize.


  1. Dixie Aragon 13 years ago

    Great posts Lainie and thanks for the Alianza Verde shot

    • Author
      ilainie 13 years ago

      Thanks Dixie! Of course I included that spectacular image!

  2. Anonymous 13 years ago

    Great collection of images. They tell a story rather than just being the regular tourist snapshots.

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