The Grandest Seafood Market Ever

The Grandest Seafood Market Ever
October 3, 2010 Lainie Liberti

The Panama City Seafood Market

We are loving the sights and sounds of Panama City, being a very modern port town. The seafood is spectacular, abundant and fresh all throughout the city. Today, we visited the largest seafood market I’ve ever been to.

Guided by the hovering vultures above, the market is located just outside the entrance to  the old city, or Casco Viejo.  Inside the market there are dozens of vendors each selling their catch.  Corvina (also known as sea bass), pargo (which is red snapper in English), and tuna seemed to be the most popular . Still, the fish were beautiful and cheap, by American standards. Spiny lobsters around 3 lbs each could be yours for a mere $6. There were shrimp of every size and shape and fish and shellfish already prepped for ceviche.

The overall experience?

A must for any  seafood lover.

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