A “Pick Up” and a Go

A “Pick Up” and a Go
August 10, 2009 Lainie Liberti

We set out early in the morning, reversing our journey. Water taxi crossing, bus terminal in Belize City, then bus to the border. We reached the border, and waited to pass through the immigration. Belize requires an exit fee, so if you want to get out of this country, you must pay the $15 per person. I shelled out the $30 bucks for both Miro and I. We were picked out of the line by one of the immigration officers. He was a handsome black man with a Caribbean accent. He pulled us aside, took our passports and asked me a few questions:

Are you married?”

No,” I replied.

Do you have a boyfriend?”

No,” I replied again.

Where’s this boy’s father?”

In the states.”

Then he asked me if I would consider marrying him as staying.

Huh? It was kind of funny but bordered between an abuse of power and flirting. Either way, I was flattered. I told him I’d return for him in a few months with my mother, and we could start planning the wedding.

He smiled and handed us back our passports. Kinda creepy, right?


And with that, we back in Mexico.

We grabbed a local bus back to Chetumal and then took another bus back to Playa del Carmen.

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  1. Alice Wenzel 11 years ago

    Oh Lainie 🙂

    That was a serious laugh out loud moment when I read: “Then he asked me if I would consider marrying him as staying.”

    Love it!


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