Doppelgangers and Mail Order Brides

Doppelgangers and Mail Order Brides
August 9, 2009 Lainie Liberti

We had arranged to meet up with Cyndi, who had left a couple of days earlier, back in Caye Caulker for our remaining time in Belize. We took the bus back to Belize City, then the water taxi across the ocean until we arrived back on that familiar sandy dock, on the island we’ve come to love. We headed straight back to the kitty reserve to share the cabana once again with Cyndi. We spent a day relaxing at the split, taking pictures and loving the Caribbean sun. After two days, Cyndi had decided to head back to Mexico to take care of some business matters. Miro and I remained on the island for two more days.

One of those days, I came face to face with Miro’s doppelganger. He was a boy, just one year older than Miro and had longish hair as well. I was at the book shop while Miro was back at the cabana, and they walked in. I immediately struck up a conversation with them and arranged for all of us to meet a later on. I was certain Miro would love to meet his twin and thought they might get along. Anyway, it was worth seeing what happened anyway.

The father was about ten years older than me, and seemed OK. I knew they were American, but he looked Dutch to me. They were a single father and son traveling and thought it would be interesting to hang out, share experiences, but had no attraction or desire to get to know this man in any other way (so don’t get any ideas…).

We met and the boys hit it off right away. They were very in tune with each other, but the father was, well, how do I put this gently…..?….well… he was kind of creepy. The bummer was, Miro was spending time with this boy and I had to spend time with this man. One afternoon turned into two days and on the second day it turned out to be the father’s birthday, we were sort of obligated to hang out with him. ( I am purposely omitting their names in this post because I am about to talk trash.)

The father had all of the social graces of a fruit fly. He started telling me his life history. He told me about his ex-wife, how she was a mail order bride from Russia, how she was very beautiful but surprisingly after a few years, she left him. I wonder if it was after she was naturalized as a citizen? He told me more about how he never meets women and all he does is work.

Then he told us Miro and I were invited to stay with him and his son in their hotel room.

Then he invited us to stay with him and his son in a resort in Cancun.

Then he made a pass at me.

I declined ALL offers

Miro and I were convinced it was time to scoot out. It seems Miro’s doppelganger wasn’t a twin at all, he too was an emotional midget and Miro had grown tired of his whining.

Like father, like son…

Anyway, it was clearly time to leave, and with that, Miro and I planned our escape off of the island.

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