Hola Chica!

Hola Chica!
July 23, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Cenotes, Cozumel, Mayan culture and catching up

Hola Chica!

Thank you for the fabulous email yourself, feeling the missing my mommy part now, but equally grooving into being a nomadic family. 🙂 I can’t imagine how you are going to feel when both Kevin and I are out of the state (or in my case, the country). Save up your miles for travel to humid places, I suppose. I really don’t look forward to picking up my paintings, artworks and things from Kevin’s garage in the heat and hauling them into storage. Blah! But it’s gotta be done, but will deal with that when we return . However thinking of returning now is not the thing on my mind.

So a quick update. It’s Thursday, I suppose. We returned from Cozumel yesterday on the ferry. We ended up staying 1 week in Cozumel and both Miro and I really fell in love with the place. Over and over the people we met were so kind and everyone kept saying how it was the safest place in all of Mexico. We slept with the doors open every night, not to tempt fate, but because the little oven we were sleeping in was so fucking hot… but I think I mentioned that. The amazing thing about Cozumel was the rhythm of the island, the way people did things and once people started to recognize us, we were no longer a target to sell things to but people that were immediately accepted as a visitor or a temporary resident of the island. That transition was amazing.

Here’s some of the life changing highlights of the things we did on Cozumel: As I mentioned, we went to the ruins, loved being in the presence of the Mayan history. We went to a place called Discover Mexico, which had the history of Mexico build through the architecture including the pyramids from both the Mayans and the Aztecs and the Toltecs all the way through to the monuments of modern day built in Mexico City. The grounds were huge and every single structure in the park was built to scale at 1|25 so to see the comparison of the modern buildings to the ancient buildings was incredible. We had an amazing guide who helped us understand the history of Mexico from the ancient civilizations and the integration of the culture with the Spaniards. I realized the difference between the Spaniards and the Saxons is that the Saxons concurred and killed and the Spaniards integrated and fused both cultures. From the perspective of today’s United States, you can still see that deep seeded attitude present through our imperialistic approach to the world…. ah, I digress…. back to Mexico….

Miro and I took an hour and a half horse ride through the the Mayan jungle with a guide. The first time Miro rode a horse and for me a long time in between.

We saw a cenote, a natural watering hole, that surges from ground water and tends to capture the overflow after the rains. Late in the Mayan culture, after the Aztecs conquered and combined their customs, these cenotes throughout the country, both island and mainland were commonly used for human sacrifices. At least the larger ones. The one we saw was very small, but absolutely a reminder of how  important the cenotes are to their culture. I am writing more about it on our blog, so stay tuned.

I have been so fascinated with this culture and now I’d say I’m hooked!!! Interesting, huh¿

Oh yes, they do still serve conch there, but we didn’t eat it.

Ok, what else¡¿¿¿¿ We’ve met people from all over the world traveling families,  traveling families from Australia, traveling families from Europe. Even families traveling with toddlers. It’s been wonderful!

So we are back here in Playa. Cyndi and I planned out our trip to Belize. We’re going to 3 places, San Ignacia, Caye Calker which is an island and another place which I cannot remember the name. All of these places we are staying as guests as couch surfers. I am certain they are not accommodations as you may be accustomed to, hammocks, spots to pitch our sleeping bags, etc. but it’s all an adventure. 🙂 I did some reading about the things I want to see, yes, more ruins, a waterfall area, and many beaches.. Will keep you posted.

On Sunday Miro, Cyndi and I are going to take a bus to Merida, a small village about an hour from here. This village is supposed to be totally charming in old wold Mexico style. Every Monday night in the town center plaza, they perform a national folkloria dance performance for free¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!. That’s the real draw for us. We will be staying with at another couch surfer’s place in Merida, a resident, so hopefully he’ll be our guide for that night through that city – village. I am really looking forward to that too!

Thanks for checking with Dad about staying with him. We’ll likely spend the first night back in LA with our friends again in Venice, and then head out that way. Incidentally, we’ve fucked our budget and splurged (car rental, horse back rides, dinners, etc.) Such is life.

Going to head out of this internet cafe in just a moment. Miro and I are going to go to a beach club here in Playa to hang out. I am soooo damn tan I’m looking Mexican. Oh, an old Mexican – Mayan woman came up to me on the street and told me to put the first pee on my cheeks every morning to get rid of the sun damage on my face. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to try it and she told me to make sure it was my own peee… Stay tuned on that.

Much love to you and Sashya!! I loved hearing about Henry, and we really miss that little guy. Thank you both again SO MUCH for being his trusty guardian, momma’s and caretakers. I can’t express enough gratitude for that. Guess we’re starting to fit into being a traveling family now, huh? Ok, over and out until next transmission.


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