What’s a boy to do when he’s got 2 right shoes?

What’s a boy to do when he’s got 2 right shoes?
June 15, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Yesterday, we got our hiking boots! Yes, it was a long 2 hours in REI trying on multiple pairs of boots, trying to figure out just the perfect pair for both Miro and I. We looked at water shoes, hiking boots, trail shoes. Both of us tried on over 8 pairs, walked up and down the rock formation in the store. My mom gifted us these boots for our upcoming trip and for that we are grateful. We actually went to the store far east from LA, in Rancho Cucumanga and the staff there was great and ever so patient. I finally settled this a pair of Merrell waterproof hiking boots. Miro choose this high ankle Vasque waterproof hiking boot.  We are super happy with our choices.


This morning Miro was super excited about his super comfortable boots, wanted to wear them to school. When we pulled them out of the box. we noticed Miro had 2 right shoes. One was his correct size, size “3”. The second right shoe is size “1” which we suspect was the display copy. Funny. Guess we’re destine to  make yet another trip back to REI, although don’t think we’ll be heading to Rancho Cucumunga anytime soon. 😉


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