A 3 Hour Tour… and not a Hummer in sight!

A 3 Hour Tour… and not a Hummer in sight!
May 10, 2009 Lainie Liberti

It was so wonderful catching up with my old friend Robin. I haven’t seen her in about 5 years. Robin and I have know each other since we were 2 years old and even though we are polar opposites, it never seems to get in the way. Our friendship spans over 40 years, which makes it even more precious. Even when we have differences of opinions over politics, green issues, conservation and social issues, we always find a way to respect one an others opinions through laughter. Case in point:

As we were planning our get-together, Robin invited Miro and I to spend the day on the boat with them. We decided Miro and I would come to their house for a visit, stay the night and then get up early and go to the dock together. The problem was, however, they were planning on transporting us all in their hummer. DID SOMEONE SAY HUMMER???

Ok, here’s the difference: I drive a old Mercedes that was converted to run of recycled vegetable oil. Miro and I despise hummers from a cultural, ecological and status perspective. In my opinion, the hummer represents everything that is wrong the American way of thinking, have even written articles on the car, etc.! In fact, Miro and I have a game we do whenever we see someone driving one those ridiculous cars:  we blow raspberries!! So you can see, when Robin shared her plans, I had to confide in her our feelings on the subject. We actually shared a few laughs, agreed to be respectful of each other’s lifestyles and decided we shouldn’t discuss it in front of our children, since we didn’t want either of our kids thinking there was something wrong with our very different points of view. We decided to take Thor’s (Robin’s husband) car to the boat the next morning and all was good.

Robin and I do have a connection that is beyond historical. The core of our relationship is deep despite of our differences and that bond has been a consistent light in my life. For this, I am grateful (and bless the day they get rid of that f*cking car!)

Enjoy the pics of our outing on their boat. They have a beautiful 40 foot boat docked at Shoreline Village in Long Beach. Robin’s husband Thor is a grand host and their daughter Brooke is charming. Some of the days’ highlights include pomegranate martinis, baby ducklings, sleeping sea lions, Miro getting to be the captain of the boat and fabulous sushi at Gladstones!

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