The Adventure Begins

The Adventure Begins
January 8, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Why is writing the first entry always such a difficult task? <sigh> Such is the case for me anyway, the first blog entry, the first journal entry, the first line in a sketchbook…. So, here it is, entry number “one” (and for some of you, this is going to be quite a deusey.)

For some reading this blog, this post won’t be much of a surprise, but for others, this may appear to be out there, somewhere in left field. To that I say, “you weren’t expecting ‘right’ field from me, were you?”

For about a year now, I’ve been flirting with the idea of picking up and moving Miro, the agency and myself to Costa Rica. Why Costa Rica you ask? I was inspired, but I’ll get to that in just a bit. So, now we find ourselves in the midst of planning and prepping –yes, we are actually doing it. Moving to Costa Rica? Actually we are not, but we are going there, details revealed in this post.

This blog is created as a means to document our journey, starting now with the planning and preparation stages through our departure and travels. We invite you to be a part of that experience with us. I invite you to stay tuned as it unfolds.


The inspiration is simple; the thought occurred:
Let’s live a simpler life. Let’s work less and play more. Let’s have more hours of enjoyment and less hours of work.

Let’s reconnect with what really matters.

Then came:
Let’s live closer in sync with nature. Let’s hike up a volcano, get lost in the jungle, and witness holler monkeys play. Let’s experience new cultures, learn a new language, and plant something with our hands.

We could do all there, here, but let’s have an adventure and move to Costa Rica.

Have you caught your breath yet? Good, I knew you would.

Over the past year, I dug into what that inspiration really meant, where the desire originated. The closer I looked, I recognized I was inspired to get back to nature, experience cultures I knew nothing about, be in a lush, tropical environment, authentically connect with people. I was inspired to experience life as an adventure rather than a “let’s work to get ahead” mentality. Most of all, I was inspired to share this experience with Miro, as a parent, teacher, student and companion.

I have always loved traveling. I traveled quite a bit in my 20’s, backpacked throughout Europe for over a year. The experience shaped who I am today, my view of life and my experience of humanity.

I was inspired. Inspiration is the catalyst that seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Through my life, I’ve learned to listen to inspiration as “an intuitive knowing” that has always guided me, both personally and professionally. Knowing exactly how to define the inspiration once it occurs has been a process of clarity seeking, that usually takes time. I often have feelings or inspirations but don’t always know what they mean and thus the process begins, trying to articulate the inspiration into ideas. Find the thought that coincides with the inspiration that feels right and then, I’m on to something! How can inspiration be denied?

The desire to redefine how we live, our values by choosing our experiences are a product of this inspiration. *

Throughout the years, I have noticed the closer I live my inspiration, life becomes effortless, not to mention much more enjoyable! This inspiration stayed with me over a year, sort of brewing, as the vision became lucid and recognizable.


2009 and the economy. What’s ahead? What’s behind us? Without stating the obvious, the ability to forecast a tough year ahead is not such a stretch. The state of the economy seems to be a bit out of our control, however, well within our control is how we choose to handle this challenge.

Follow the inspiration…

Solution: The agency goes on hiatus, we give up the loft (which has served as our home and office for the past 10 years) and set off on an adventure. We’re selling everything (or giving it away), so “things” do not dictate what we can do. There’s nothing to lose because we’ve already given it up. Our savings will go much further and thanks to the gems of knowledge learned from reading The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris, Vagabonding by Rolf Potts and the great resources found in the  Lonely Planet books, we have no doubt the road is paved with adventure.


A Promise.

I recalled a promise I made to Miro as a newborn.

The first few months of Miro’s life, taught me more than my 30 odd years before had ever taught me. As a parent of a newborn, I was spending countless hours holding Miro being present with him, holding his gaze, and communicating through our eyes. Everything I needed to know, the little teacher taught me and as I held him in my arms, his eyes revealed all. I never forgot. His gift could be defined as child-parent bonding, certainly every parent throughout history has had this experience, but this deep connection always marveled me.  I learned how to communicate, connect, bond and be present with another being in a manner in which I had never experienced before in my life. For that I am grateful as much today as I was then.

My promise originated from this experience. The promise?
To always see the kindness in the world, experience people and cultures with reverence and honor the “oneness” within humanity. Oh yeah, and enjoy the journey!!


So, instead of choosing the potential of “struggle” let’s plan a trip! For starters, we are moving out the Brewery Arts Colony, where I’ve lived for the better part of 15 years. With business slowing down, there is no reason to keep the loft. We are going to be staying with a dear friend in Mt. Washington for the remaining 3 months of the school year. Miro will finish the 4th grade at Milagro Charter. We’re planning on leaving in July 2009, and will confirm the date soon. But first, we have much to do in our preparations.

The Plan, Stan:

This is a simple overview of our plan, more details will be posted as we get closer to our departure.

Our intention is to spend 1 year exploring Central America. We are going start our trip in Belize and eventually make our way to Panama. The freedom of not having to be anywhere at any certain date is so liberating.

After our year in Central America, we will fly back to the states, pick up our beloved Henry and relocate to Buenos Aries, Argentina. I have always been attracted to Argentina for many reasons, and think it will be an amazing place to settle down at. Miro will start 6th grade there and his Spanish skills are sure to be an asset. I’ll start working again once we’ve settled. Plus, I have always wanted to learn how to tango!

We are open to whatever happens and that feeling of freedom is so liberating!


Redefining just what the meaning of living is all about.
Change in of itself is one of the most stimulating, exciting invigorating feelings that keeps me connected me to thrill of living. Anyone who’s known me throughout the years will attest to this fact. I have been blessed with the grace of experiencing change without resistance (but it’s doesn’t mean I don’t feel the bumps and bruises along the way)

5th Grade?

What about school? What about 5th grade?

Take a year and gain valuable life experience, learn a language, travel through many countries, work on sustainable farms, learn about ecology, volunteer time and energy to make a difference, participate in new cultures, be empowered to make decisions, learn geography, navigation, budgeting, independence and respect. What does 5th grade have to offer in comparison? Nada.


How exciting! We are going to learn Spanish. I am relying on Miro to pick it up fast. I have been told immersion is the best way to learn any language, that, and the home stays with families and our lessons will support the process.

(Hats off to family travel!)

* In the past, I have been inspired in both my personal and professional life, running the agency based on source inspiration.  Valuing relationships, mentoring young talent, serving global causes, fighting for social justice, supporting the green-eco movement, participating in the arts and providing value for non-profits have been ways I’ve expressed this inspiration in the past.

Now, let the adventure begin.


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