Supporting Learning through 5 eCommerce Strategies

Supporting Learning through 5 eCommerce Strategies
April 27, 2008 Lainie Liberti

How important is education to you? If you follow this blog, you probably understand the immense benefits of education.

If education is a concern of yours, then I’d like to propose a technological solution that will see educational resources spread far and wide.

How? Through eCommerce!

Is eCommerce Strictly for Selling Products?

Can education be distributed through the technological advancements of eCommerce?

When we think of eCommerce we immediately think of products such as books, DVDs and CDs. So it’s hard to imagine education having anything to do with eCommerce.

The fact is, eCommerce is more than simply a platform to sell products. For those of us who are a bit more idealistic, eCommerce offers new advances that have prompted the selling of education. Today, someone can develop an educational course, register their own domain name, and make the course available on this new site for people to use and learn from.

I’ll show you how education is being dispersed through affordable eCommerce methods. Here are five ways you can either buy or sell education online.

  1. The eBook Revolution

When I think books, I think education (probably because I only read non-fiction).

The most popular eCommerce site is probably eBay or Amazon. Both these platforms are known for selling books by the millions.

But eBooks are quickly becoming a popular choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot on their books.

To think that there are so many eBooks out there that can teach our children and us how to develop skills is monumental. The sky really is the limit with all these resources out there.

eBooks are popular items on eCommerce sites. This is one way education has been made cheaper through eCommerce. The sales process of eCommerce is designed to claim minimal costs and maximum convenience.

  1. Online Courses

Who says eCommerce only sells physical products like a book? There are many products that are not physical sold online. eCommerce sites are now selling online courses to students who can’t afford to attend an institution. Most of these online courses are not only bought online, but offered online too. The added convenience of studying from the comfort of your home fits nicely with the access you have to pay for your course online too.

There are eCommerce sites dedicated mainly to offering educational courses online. These range between language courses, business courses, finance courses and even short courses on how to perform simple techniques.

The value of education is immeasurable, and yet these online courses are offered at a fraction of their usual price.

Thanks to the technology of eCommerce, education has become more accessible to those who would usually not be able to afford it. So visit an educational eCommerce site now and get studying!

  1. Video Tutorials for Students

To make studying even easier, many courses now offer video tutorials and video lectures. It’s like bringing a classroom right into your living room or office!

These videos are not bought online as DVDs or software packages. Videos are sent via secure links once a course has been paid for.

Again we see the digitizing of education, and the distribution thereof is through non other than eCommerce sites.

Nothing physical ever exchanges hands in these instances. The education itself is the product, and how you utilize that product is ultimately up to you.

  1. Essays, Research Papers and Theses

If we want to further rethink education and how it can become more accessible, we must look at the distribution of learning material.

This too is accessible in digital format. Essay, research paper and dissertation samples are readily available from anywhere in the world. Professional writers and students write these papers and then make them available online.

Companies are capitalizing on the need for these papers. There are now eCommerce sites dedicated exclusively to selling paper examples. You can purchase them as you would a book or a movie from Amazon. Simply click on the one you want, pay for it, download it and keep it as your own.

It’s that simple!

  1. Audio Courses

Audio is hardly ever sold as a physical product in first world countries. But even third wold countries are growing accustomed to technology because of how convenient and affordable it is.

An example of this is audio courses that are sold in file format online.

eCommerce sites have made it possible to lower audio prices significantly due to lower overheads on creating audio files. This great news for info-hungry students who have been chomping at the bit to learn and study.

In the same way video courses are sold, audio courses are sent after a selection and payment have been made. From here they are simply emailed to users via a file or a link which provides access to a remote site.

  1. Educational Software

For decades now, educational software has been a massive industry. There’s something for every age group, gender and skill level out there.

eCommerce sites have once again made the distribution of educational software super convenient and affordable.

Users all over the world can access eCommerce sites that sell software courses specifically designed to teach. Here are some examples:

  • Software for infants which includes games to help them learn to speak, count and reason.

  • Software for small children and toddlers that teach them language, math, logic and creativity skills.

  • Software for student children that helps them better understand the learning environment they are already in at school.

  • Software for teenagers and high school students, giving them extra help with subjects they may be struggling with at school.

  • Software for adults teaching them to speak different languages.

  • Business training courses that offer practical help on various areas of business.

  • Accounting software, writing software, teaching software, self-defence training, etc.

As you can see, the list of educational resources goes on. Again we must give eCommerce managers the credit for thinking outside the box when selling valuable education to people who would otherwise have no access to it.

So while you’re rethinking education, rethink eCommerce too. Visit great platform builders like Shopify to find a template that fits in with your own educational distribution. Happy learning!


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