We’re leaving on a 45 hour bus ride today! [VIDEO]

We’re leaving on a 45 hour bus ride today! [VIDEO]
September 18, 2013 Lainie Liberti


And we’re looking forward to it!  

Here’s why:


We’ve had a few travel marathon moments before. Be sure to read all about all of those adventures here:

Tears, missed connections and other travel stories from the road of life

The Big Delay

Monterrico, Agatha, and the 2 ½ hour shuttle ride back to Antigua that took 30 hours


What do you think about long bus travel? Do you like it?

We’re looking forward to reading your comments below.

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  1. OCDemon 11 years ago

    Bus rides are the absolute worst. Argh. Whenever I get to a mountainous country that didn’t go through the railroad heyday I die a little inside. At least in certain countries like Turkey they stop every 2 hours for bathroom breaks and give you tea.

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