Project Unschool Peru Survey

Project Unschool Peru Survey
May 1, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Thank you for taking the time to take our survey.

We are so grateful for your input.

If you are familiar with the project Miro and I created call Project World School, please skip ahead to the survey now.



If this is your first time here’s a brief description of the project:


Project Unschool Peru is a retreat that centers around the magic of co-creation of a “learning community” and embodies the spirit of “unschooling” in Peru. Therefore it is a retreat and an educational gathering. Never knowing exactly what will happen, “discovery” holds the key, resulting in knowledge gained and lessons learned. Project Unschool Peru participants learn from the environment and teach (as well as mentor) one another. Participants give as much as they receive, experiencing the greatest gift: the chance to learn, co-create, and experience the mysteries of Peru.


Creating a Learning Community in Peru

A learning community is a group of people who share common emotions, values or beliefs, and are actively engaged in learning together, both from each other and through collective experiences. Combining the concepts behind a learning community and the deliberateness of being temporary, the two create an intentional experience. Combined with the richness of Peru’s history, culture, traditions and mysteries, a dynamic learning-community promises to support and fulfill the needs of each of its participants and creates a strong learning connection to the environment and to each other.

Retreat Topics

The Project Unschool Peru organizers have designed general themes for each of the weeks of the retreat, building upon the previous week to create a complete body of participatory learning, in relationship to Peru’s unique culture. The topics explored are designed to personally challenge each participant through their own investigation, interpretation and hands on discovery and create relevance to their own lives.
A selection of the themes explored are:

Peruvian cooking • Sustainability • Music of the Andes • Ethnobotany • Permaculture • Artisan traditions Anthropology • History • Archeology • Humanity & consciousness • Andean mysticism

Feel free to explore the retreat web site at for detailed information.

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