Breaking the Long Travel Silence with Some News, Updates & Our Pet Project

Breaking the Long Travel Silence with Some News, Updates & Our Pet Project
May 1, 2013 Lainie Liberti

Wow, 6 weeks of fast travel…

Let’s do the math:

30 flights (between the 2 of us ),  4 long bus rides,  2 car road trips, 5 trains, 2 cases of the flu, 9 cities, 3 sets of parents, 22 old friends, 2 new babies, 1 conference,  2 hassles with the airlines, 10 airports, 4 couch surfing experiences, 2 beaches, 100+ laughs and way too many tears.

What that adds up to, is  2 very wiped out people.

We hope you forgive us for not updating  our blog often during our travel-roller-coaster, but  we are taking our time now to rejuvenate, rest and get caught up in our beloved Cusco.  Miro and I are clear, we really do prefer slow travel to the quick city hopping and are so grateful to be back in the closest place we have to call home.

Both of us are busy now, focused on writing about our experiences, preparing new posts, editing photos and video for you. But that takes a little time too. So this, being our first update post since we’ve returned from our 6 week travel marathon, we wanted to share with you some  quick updates and ask for your assistance with one of our projects.


For us the Life Rocks Unschooling Conference was a whirlwind of life rocking experiences. Both Miro and I learned so much and feel so much gratitude that we are both forever changed. We each connected with the most incredible people and made some lasting friendships. I can’t even express how incredibly satisfying it was to be among hundreds of people who simply  “get it”.

And dare I say, Miro finally found his “tribe”.

Miro with new friends, Brycen and Devin

At the conference, we presented our story and introduced our inspired vision to create our pet project called Project Unschool Peru, which we introduced here on our blog in December, last year. During our talk and in private conversations, we shared the inspiration behind creating a “temporary learning community” in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Every single person we spoke with was so excited to learn more about Project World School retreat, and wanted to participate!

We were blown away by the response!

But the retreat was scheduled for just one six weeks later, and most could not make month long plans to get away and to be able to afford it with such short notice. However, the feedback we received has been so valuable to us from those authentically interested in participating.

But when all was said and done, the retreat was only half full (not half empty) with bookings, so we opted to postpone and reschedule the Project Unschool Peru and integrate some the feedback we received.

Then, I thought, I need to ask you, our readers what you think!! You all have been here for us for the long haul supporting us and your thoughts & feedback are so important to us!

So, since the retreat is being rescheduled and we are going to try to integrate the suggestions we’ve received  so far, we are asking for your input to help us design and produce the most amazing event possible. I’ve put together a survey to help us reshape the rescheduled event. The survey consists of  10 simple questions regarding price, structure, duration, and activities. We would love your help. Even if you cannot make it to the next retreat, if you are interested, feel our passion, believe in our vision, we would love your input.

Click here to take the survey

If you need to learn more about the project, here is a brief summery of Project Unschool Peru or feel free to go directly to the web site, here.

More Updates:

Even though the formal Project Unschool Peru retreat is postponed, we still have an unschooling group coming to experience Peru in June to spend a month with us! (so we know there’s interest!!!)

Unschooling Teens LARPing

Right now the group is 8 or 9  people, including Luke Bessey  the teen camp leader for both the Life Rocks Unschooling Conference and one that’s coming up in Texas called The Rethinking Everything Conference.  So far, the group includes 6 teens, 3 adults including one parent. Although this is not the Project Unschool Peru retreat, we are looking at this opportunity to explore, learn and play with this group of unschooled teens in order to help us develop a teen specific “adventure” in the future. Yep, that one was Miro’s idea.

And that’s it for the quick updates.

Again, if you, our wonderful readers,  would be willing to take our Project Unschool Peru survey, we’d be so grateful! Your input will help us shape the newly scheduled event. 

Click here to take the survey

Many blessings from an overly exhausted Mom & Son and know if you sent us an email or question over the last couple months, a response will be on it’s way shortly. More updates coming soon!!!


  1. Shara 11 years ago

    So wishing the ladies and I could make it to Peru! It is such a wonderful idea, every single part of it! I would fly down there just to do yoga all day in the mountains!! 😉 Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. Maria 11 years ago

    Intriguing project – you’re and Miro are getting such a great education via travel… envous? yeah I am but as you two go, I’ll virtually tag a long and I’m sure you’ll end up teaching me quite a bit too.

    Btw, tell Miro… I suck at math too. They tell me it’s logical and it’s not variable, always the same – I’m sure they’re right but I prefer English, Composition, Art, Non-western traditions. You’re not alone Miro! 😀

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