I let my mom do whatever she damn well pleases.

I let my mom do whatever she damn well pleases.
December 18, 2012 Miro Sevin Siegel

Do you really care?

I really don’t appreciate all the hate unschoolers get from society. They have this belief that just because the child can make its own decisions, they’ll choose the worst possible outcome. I believe this is a ridiculous assumption and I don’t understand why the general public jumps to the worst conclusion. Would I choose the worst choice just because I have the freedom to choose? Huh?  Why would I?

Plus, who’s to say that the “worst decision” in your eyes is the worst decision after all? Maybe there’s some learning in there? Should someone pick the worst decision possible, I’m sure they have their reasons.

For example: What if an unschooler finds a large sum of money and invests it into a taco stand with explosive neon lights? Who’s to say that’s a bad decision? What if the unschooler has a deep passion for tacos? What if the unschooler likes bright lights?  And what if this unschooler has an ulterior motive, like finding the best way to raise money for the totally underfunded “Sombreros for Penguins” fund? (Everyone knows that penguins tan very quickly and look very good in Mexican hats.)


Would you consider that a bad decisions just because it wasn’t YOUR interest???

Anyway, back on topic. What would you do if your mom says “I want to go to Madagascar”? Sure, you may doubt her, but you’re not going to stop her because she can do what she wants and maybe she’s follwing her passion. Maybe she’ll find some penguins in need of sombreros there too. Now, we all know our parents are grown people, so why not, let them do whatever they want? Now, if only us unschoolers could get similar recognition….

Anyhoo, just a quick little rant that I should stop before I start talking about penguins with sombreros again.


  1. Barb W. 11 years ago

    As a homeschooler, I don’t think it’s against the “unschoolers” who really do it right, who use “teachable moments”, who are involved and interested in their child’s learning experiences. It is a backlash against those who use the concept of unschooling as an excuse not to do anything, who are not involved. Maybe those who “unschool” correctly could find a different word to describe their experience.

  2. Talon 11 years ago

    It is very interesting how people just automatically assume all children are incapable of making good decisions. When is a person supposed to learn critical thinking and problem solving? When they’re already an adult? Ridonkulous! And thanks for speaking up for those penguins needing sombreros.

  3. Mary 11 years ago

    Hmm Penguins and sombreros who knew..see how smart an unschooler can be?! Seriously though, great post bringing levity to it all. People are so closed minded that they think only one way is right…silliness!

  4. Laurel 11 years ago

    Well said, Miro. My 12 yr old is so worried about what society thinks about him directing his schooling. I’m going to share this with him in hopes that he feels more empowered by the directions he is choosing to go. Thank you!

  5. Gary Terry 11 years ago

    Way to go Miro, well said. Someone has to speak up for the penguins. Oh, by the way, I think the exact “correct” term is Unschooling. My daughter’s learning happens everywhere, it is not limited to any one environment.

  6. Mariette 8 years ago

    Hello Miro, not sure if it was a real question, but the Penguins kind of made it clear…. So here is the answer. When children grow in “the world that is seen as normal” they do not learn the skills unschoolers have. And.. The minute they are let loose and given the opportunity, they are clueless as to what is good for them and how that ripples out to the world around them. So you who are skilled to understand your inner being and where you fit into this world, are judged with “normal world” filters. I once tried to give the same freedom I give my 12yo to a German schooled, with authoritarian parents 14yo, and if only I had a penguin with a sombrero then, I wouldn’t have contributed to the rise in sea level with my tears!

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