Stupid life lessons I don’t buy into (anymore)

Stupid life lessons I don’t buy into (anymore)
November 13, 2012 Lainie Liberti

I just plain refuse to buy into these un-truths!

There are so many terrible lessons taught to us as children that we just accept and weave into our paradigm of reality. But now, as a reflective adult I can choose to reject what no longer works for me. But at times, I find myself amazed that others continue to accept old paradigms of thinking that don’t serve us. So, I’ve make a choice to re-ject, re-program and re-learn these cultural ‘truths’ that don’t cut it for me anymore. Empowering, right?

Stories No Longer Working In My World:

    • Work hard when you are young so you can have all the riches you want when you are old.
    • Life isn’t fair,
    • Only the strong survive.
    • Big boys don’t cry.
    • Children should be seen, not heard.
    • You can’t trust anyone.
    • People will hurt you, steal from you and cheat you if you give them the chance.
    • It’s a big bad scary world.
    • You can only trust yourself.
    • (In USA) “We’re number 1!”
    • The person with the most toys wins.
    • Face your fears.
    • Shit happens.
    • Don’t rock the boat.
    • Get your head out of the clouds.
    • You need to go to school to succeed in life.
    • Idle hands make mischief.
    • You shouldn’t feel sad.
    • Sticks and stone may break my bones but names can never hurt me.
    • Only the strong survive.
    • Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like.
    • Nice guys finish last.
    • There’s nothing certain in life but death and taxes.
    • Life is hard.
    • It’s not worth it unless you fight for it.
    • Good things come to those who wait.
    • Might is right.
    • You need to toughen up.
    • Don’t show them you’re weak.
    • Don’t talk to strangers.
    • You have to work hard to succeed.
    • Stop acting like a child!
    • It’s every man for himself.

What about you?

What do you refuse to believe in that goes against the grain?


  1. Jill 11 years ago

    Lainie, this is a great post, and I think the proess of re-examining the bollocks is very important.

    However, I can personally guarantee you that life is hard and shit happens. In my life, these are true, and I cannot pretend they are not, however, I am learning that they do not CHARACTERISE my life, and for that, I am very grateful.

    • Author
      Lainie Liberti 11 years ago

      Hey Jill! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree life dishes up hard times, and of course ‘shit’ happens, but I am re-examining my attitude surround those circumstances. I remember watching the film “Life is Beautiful”. Even though it was a ‘story’, it reminded me again, that I have the power of perception and choice. I can choose to be a victim of the circumstances, or choose to perceive the ‘shit’ as an opportunity. I don’t see live as being hard ANYMORE, rather see it as a set of challenges to keep me entertained. Normally we laugh through the rough times (me and my trusty companion) and we’re learning together that we can move through all the ‘shit’ with grace.

      Best of luck on your journey, and hopefully you’ll come across lots of curbs along the way to scrape the ‘shit’ off the bottom of your shoe. 😉

  2. Melanie Murrish 11 years ago


  3. Shara 11 years ago

    AS always a great read! Thank you Lainie! I have kept this post open in my browser, reading it from time to time…. going over the list. I am stumped and so badly want to add something…. but I am having a really hard time. I know something will come when I least expect it. I definitely struggle with the ‘Trust’ statements, and for what i feel are damn good reasons. Wondering how to get past them. Hope all is well!

  4. Nathan Richards 11 years ago

    Shit Happens…. thats my favourite line as an organic farmer! Nothing like watching the power of poo nourish our fields and build our fertility.

  5. Talon 11 years ago

    I disagree with this one being an untruth: “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like.” Did you like being stranded in the airport for 2 days? From your updates I know you didn’t. 🙂

    Great list! It truly is about reprogramming ourselves and our thinking. Life is so much more enjoyable when you aren’t trying to live according to these “rules.”

  6. Andrew 11 years ago

    I wouldn’t say these are all in-truths, it’s just how you handle and perceive the scenarios. I however appreciate the attitude of this post.

  7. Tanya 11 years ago

    This is a wonderful list of things to re-think:-). Re-think how we perceive and react to them. Having a son I especially love the ones about big boys not crying, toughen up, etc. Such bs, I love my sensitive son! Thanks for another wonderful, thoughtful post!

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