Waiting for the Lady to Blow her Top

Waiting for the Lady to Blow her Top
August 30, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel


When we got to Baños we thought we might need to leave, because the week before, people had to wear masks just to go outside. There was literally a few feet of black ash every week.

The Active volcano Tungurahua reaches up to 16000 thousand feet in height, and has seen activity in recent times. In 1999, It erupted and everyone was evacuated. Some didn’t come back.

Lately, there has been more activity, possibly leading up to another large explosion. Before 2007, people climbed the volcano. Now, it is not advised since all the ash coming out of it. Good thing for mountain climbers, there are more volcanoes around.

Being on top of the volcano sure would suck if it erupted.

Written by Miro. Check out more of Miro’s posts under the “Miro, Unedited” category.

For more information on Tungurahua, go to this wikipedia page.

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