Lack of fat people

Lack of fat people
March 28, 2011 Miro Sevin Siegel

Written by Miro:

No Obese People in Manizales?

We were just in Manizales, And I was astounded to see huge numbers of sweet snacks

(My favorite is the brownie, which I am sure has tons of sugar) .

I was even more astounded that there were little to no obese people.

I walked down street and I saw no obese people in sight. Why is this? There has to be at least 30 sweets and candy stores, quite a few fast food restaurants and no obese people to be found? Why? Maybe because half of the population is elderly, but

this probably has nothing to do with it. If this was in the US I would be sure there would be tons of obese people, because there they use corn syrup. In most Latin American countries they use A LOT of sugar, which I would think would still cause obesity, but apparently not.

I’m just confused.

Could someone please explain this to me?


  1. Theodora 12 years ago

    Hi Miro! I’d guess that one reason is that people walk a lot as part of their lives, and many people also do manual labour as part of work. Another is that this is probably a place where families eat together a lot of the time, preparing a balanced diet. And, a question for you. Can everyone here afford the sweets and candies in the store? What do you think?

  2. Author
    Miro 12 years ago

    Thats true, but Everything there is extremely cheap. I am confuzzled…n

  3. Molly 12 years ago

    Hi Lainie and Miro – I just started following your blog! I’m addicted! My mom and I will be traveling half a year from now, with my brother. We love your blog – keep updating it! :)nnAs to the lack of obese people – I’m not surprised! It’s funny, actually and I have to agree on the corn syrup. My latest read is “the omnivore’s dilemma,” by Michael Pollen and it’s about food in America and about how everything is made and where it comes from. America seems to be poisoning the people, while, all these other countries enjoy delicious food, live long lives, and we’re dumbfounded! hahau00a0

  4. Gypsy Wagon 11 years ago

    Also, NO growth hormones in their food. u00a0So many people are fat in this country based on unnatural sh*t that is added to their meat & dairy.

  5. Nimojukka 11 years ago

    The variety of food here let you regulate your methabolism. So, we don’t worry about sugar.

  6. Mannie 11 years ago

    hola Im from Manizales I lived there until 2001 I have been in NY for over 10 years. Manizales is a small city and we love walking around, and there are a lot of Hills if you noticed, we simply exercise a lot, we walk a lot and we burn lots of calories, and I guess we dont stress as much because our culture there, is to have lots of friends and family members to share with. and I believe half of the population is not old people I think there are so many young people they just go to college and school, that’s probably why, u didnt see them around = ) I hope this helps. take care, cuidate.  Mannie Botero.

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