10 Things that really tick me off on our travels…

10 Things that really tick me off on our travels…
December 9, 2010 Miro Sevin Siegel

…(or just in general)

Written by Miro:

Didn’t your mother teach you ANYTHING???

1.) When I see someone call themselves a back-packer yet they travel with suitcases and luggage.
Just call yourself a tourist.


2.) When I see a local kick or hurt street animals.

This angers me and makes me want to kick that person.

3.) When taxi drivers try and overcharge us just because we’re foreigners.

Does it really look like we are going to pay 8 dollars to go 3 blocks?

4.) When people mistake me for a girl.

Sadly, it happens far to often.

5.) When people say I look like Justin Beiber.

This usually comes from 13 year old girls who squeal like a pig when one of his songs come on.

6.) When people are being anti-social and totally rude in dorms.

If you think that turning on the light in the middle of the night is OK, you go under this one.

7.) When tourists don’t know what they are talking about. Ex: (in Antigua, Guatemala) “I think this architecture  is either French or German”

“…yeah, me too…”

(Hello! Spanish Colonial town??????)

8.) When tourists complain about pretty much everything. “This bed feels hard” or  “This food is too spicy”

And many more.

9.) When people in traffic start honking like crazy.

Is that really going to move the traffic along?

10.) When somebody stinks up the bathroom right before you go in.

This is even worse on buses and planes


  1. Colin Burns 13 years ago

    That’s an awesome list! I agree about tourists complaining about everything. If the bed is too hard, stay at home 😉 nnBTW, can I call myself a backpacker if my backpack has wheels? I also have two kids to carry around so I think that this might exempt me from the rigorous rules of backpacks only ;)nnNice list of things that tick you off!nnCheers,nColin

    • Author
      miro siegel 13 years ago

      I think your fine! and yes tourists do complain about everything. -_-

  2. lisa 13 years ago

    Miro, I think you are right on with your observations.

  3. Mikki Michele 13 years ago

    You are a read seasoned back packer! You’ll never be considered a tourist while on this journey. Love, grandma

  4. Nicole durbin 13 years ago

    I agree with lots of these things too, especially #2.

  5. Jennifer Miller 13 years ago

    Awesome Miro!! I’m laughing right out loud because my kids hate the SAME things… and a few more!! You’ve inspired me to ask them to make their top and bottom ten traveling lists!!nnToo much fun.nnLove the bathroom photo… we take pics of the particularly hideous (or otherwise noteworthy) too!

    • ilainie 12 years ago

      LOL! It’s a common problem.. 😉 

  6. Jennifer Miller 13 years ago

    Oh… and Gabe is mistaken for a girl at LEAST three times a day… he’s 12… you guys should hang out. 🙂

  7. Craig 13 years ago

    I agree Miro. Love the pic of the bathroom. I have actually seen one like this.

  8. Anonymous 13 years ago

    When I was around your age everyone kept thinking I was a girl, too, and I didn’t even have longer hair! Used to drive me crazy. I still get it over the phone from time to time because my voice is higher-pitched than a lot of guys. nnGreat list and love your frank style. 🙂

    • ilainie 12 years ago

      People still think you are a girl, Talon. 😉

      • 1dad1kid 12 years ago

        I’m waving hello to you with one finger.

  9. Stephen_miller 13 years ago

    I think I used that toilet in Guatemala

  10. Michi 13 years ago

    Great post Miro!! Antigua, Guatemala is one of my favorite places, I’ve been there several times and still love it EVERY TIME!! 🙂 nI pretty much relate to all of the things that can tick you off, except for maybe the Justin Bieber one. 😉 But don’t worry about it, you’re way more of a cutie pie than he is!

    • ilainie 12 years ago

      We loved Antigua! Miro is passionate about the ‘Justin Bieber’ issue. 😉

  11. Author
    Miro 13 years ago

    Thanks for all the comments :3

  12. Mary 12 years ago

    Love these Miro!!  We are in Cambodia and I have never heard so much beeping in all my life….you will not like that part of travel here:)

    • ilainie 12 years ago

      I’ve heard that about Asia.. 

  13. NicoleR 12 years ago

    Miro, when people mistake you for a girl it is because you have a pretty face…pretty face now=stone cold fox as a man. People always do that to my son…we just shaved his long locks, I will let you know how that works for him.

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