Feathers and Dice

Feathers and Dice
August 17, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Our last night

Back in Cancun, with the realization our mini-adventure, our “test-trip”, our jaunt around Mexico and Belize was about to end we were both a little sad it was coming to an end. Both Miro and I felt good about our travel, agreed we passed the test and have the ability to take on this lifestyle, and were truly excited about what’s ahead. However, today wasn’t a day for reflection, a time to look backwards. Today we had one job, pack up, enjoy our last night with our hosts, and say farewell to our mini-adventure as it came to a close.

We arrived back at Monolo and Eric’s house in the evening and two other couch surfers guests were staying at the house. They were both Argentinian journalists, and we immediately liked their vibes very much. Luckily, one of them was heading to the airport, the next morning too, getting on airplane the same time we were leaving so we would share a cab. That’s one less stressful thing, having a Spanish speaking person as our companion, but we realized how important learning the language really is. But that’s enough serious thinking for now, for. tonight, our job is to enjoy!!!

After packing up, we all settled into the living room with Eric, Manolo, Gerardo and Juan Manuel with our dice in hand, mashups playing on the iPod and a couple bottles of tequila the table, ready to flow. Miro and I taught the group how to play the game ecalerita, and the dice-rolling began, risk taking ensued and the tequila flowed freely!

Many many shots of tequila later, we dialed up the game by putting on fabulous feather masks and boas belonging to our two hosts. We played, laughed, discussed deep topics throughout the night until finally it was time to sleep,our last night in Mexico.

And with that, we had an ending.

A perfect ending to a perfect trip.

And that was that.

Until the the next adventure begins.


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