July 27, 2009 Lainie Liberti

From Merida, with love


Ah… I feel really bad for the way must be feeling right now. Being a parent gives me such insight and the ability to feel what you are feeling. I promise though I will do a better job staying in touch with you, much better than I did when I lived in Los Angeles!!!!

For now, we are in Merida, such a beautiful quaint little town. We are at an internet cafe at the moment, so this is going to be quick. We saw 2 folkloria shows and there is a famous dance and music school here. The shows we saw were mostly children and young adult performers.

The city is Spanish Colonial and the signs of imperialism is so apparent. Nevertheless, this city is Mexico’s cultural center for dance and there is much pride in their love of the arts.

When we return to Cyndi´s on Tuesday I´ll write you more. We´re actually returning on Tuesday afternoon, repacking and leaving at about 2 am on Tues night – weds morning for Belize, so I´ll make sure I´ll at least upload my Mexico pics so far and write you back. Merida Mexico, but it was fabulous, the folkloria dancers were to die for!!

Anyway, loving Merida and loving traveling. Miro is such a little traveler too! We miss you and we love you!



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