Farewell, it’s been swell!

Farewell, it’s been swell!
July 9, 2009 Lainie Liberti

July 9, Day 9 Road Trip

Farewell, it’s been swell!


Phoenix, it’s been grand…Next stop, LA. (air con all the way) 11:10 AM Jul 9th, 2009 via Twittelator

The next day was routine, low energy and very satisfying knowing it will be over soon. We hit the road fairly early, eager to get out of the armpit called ‘Phoenix’. Miro said goodbye to his dad, a little emotional, but sweet, while Steve, once again, fiddled with the camper.

There wasn’t a lot of traffic and the ride back was uneventful. I checked my emails on my iphone, stayed pretty occupied and Miro played his DS. There  wasn’t a whole lot of conversation between the 3 of us, but there wasn’t tension either, which was good.  It wasn’t that any of us were angry, it’s the sheer fatigue. I am not sure what Steve was thinking, I can only assume he was disappointed the trip didn’t go as he planned, that Steve and I didn’t end up a ‘couple’, or who knows what.


Hello California! 2:20 PM Jul 9th, 2009 via Twittelator

We arrived at my Mom’s house early evening. She didn’t expect us since we were a whole day early, but of course we were welcome. Good to be there and good to out of the camper.

Not a whole lot  else to say here, and if you’ve been reading about our trip, it was pretty entertaining. In case you missed anything, here is a quick recap:

Day 1: Hit the Road Jack

Left excited, eager and enthusiastic but a visit to Walmart challenges me to  access my inner white trash.
(At least there’s tequila involved.)

Day 2: London Bridge is Falling Down

Intercepted passes, extreme heat and cool watering holes. But we can’t stay too long at one place, gotta keep to a schedule, gotta keep a move on. Maps and GPS to the rescue!!!

Day 3: Viva Las Vegas!

The “Oh yeah, we’re picking up your ex husband… now how am I going to make a pass at you?” reality sets in. Equally, frustration rises to the temperature outside. And now, something to actually bitch about: a huge windstorm which purposefully damages the shade structure.

Day 4: There is NO 3rd Option!

The humor intensifies, Miro and I are instigators and (I can’t say it enough)  THERE IS NO THRID OPTION!

Day 5: Finding Zion

Sometimes finding your path is impossible, when THEY MOVE THE ROADS!!!!!

Day 6: The Grand Canyon, a religious experience

Pagan rituals provide comic relief.

Day 7: Sucked into a Vortex

Even my intensified ‘la-la’ new age energy  in Sedona couldn’t penetrate this group.

Day 8: From Buddha’s enlightenment to a beastly Phoenix

From beautiful to an armpit, a day 8 was full of contrasts. All’s well, that ends well. Did I mention absinthe?

Lessons Learned:

Lesson 1: travel only with people you like.

Lesson 2: don’t travel with people who have a crush on you and you are not interested in.

Lesson 3: Walmart is big. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to track down the tequila.

Lesson 4: Don’t travel with controlling people, especially when it comes to   the route and the destination.

Lesson 5: 110 degree heat is unbearable.

Lesson 6: Don’t travel through the desert during July or you’ll encounter 110 degree heat.

Lesson 7: Sometimes “they” move roads just to fuck with you.

Lesson 8: Sometimes there is no 3rd option.

Next stop, Latin America, now first off to find the best airfares to Los Angeles and from Los Angeles. Watch out world, here we come!


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