Gratitude and “Stuff”

Gratitude and “Stuff”
May 31, 2009 Lainie Liberti

Late last year, I knew like I knew like I knew I’d take my next breath, we were doing this trip. Didn’t know anything else, but it was already in motion. I knew everything we do would lead to this. I knew then, an incredible change was in front of us and a life changing adventure just on the horizon. The excitement in the core of my body became the energy that kept things in focus and the motion to move things forward.

Late last year I had dreams of selling our stuff. Wonderful fantasy-like dreams, dreams of liberation and strangely enough, dreams of freedom. I had literal nighttime dreams of getting rid our possessions as well as daytime fantasies. When January rolled around, I knew it was time to get things rolling. This was the first step and the biggest for us, but I knew as soon as we started with this first step, the rest would fall into place. (and it is..)


As time has passed, things seem to moving at lightening speed, time on an accelerated course, and it continues to fly on by…

Late last year, I was anxious to begin, I couldn’t wait to start, like I was counting the days to a very important date, like my best friend’s wedding or the date a present arrives. Only I wasn’t waiting for something, I was waiting to have permission to start shedding our stuff. One step at a time, but it’s not real until we start getting rid of everything.  I kept on seeing it start and soon, it was time! From January to March we sold, gave away or got rid of just about everything. That was it.. Quite a process, but looking back now, seems like one simple unit of short time.

I remember how graceful I felt as I witnessed our beloved home, workspace, loft transform into a shell of nothing.. As it started to change before us, became a shell of what it was, it became easier to detach, piece by piece. Soon, the loft was gone too, no longer part of our identity, part of our energy. Stuff and our detachment to our stuff has been an incredible process.

Our home from mid-March till now (almost 3 months) has been in Highland Park, with my long time friend, Andrea. The contrast has been nice, being a guest in some one else’s home, having minimal things of our own (even though the 9 x12 bedroom Miro and I have been sharing seems crammed with “stuff”). The contrast of having has been a learning experience for both Miro and myself, learning how to be a gracious long term house guest, honoring the flow of some one else’s home, being around the energy of her “stuff” (and Andrea’s got a ton of stuff :).

For me, I’ve always been the provider, the host, the giver. Through this gift, if have learned to receive as well. Conceptually, that sounds easy, practically, it’s been a challenge. I feel humbled, honored, grateful.

All of these experiences have been a wonderful gift for both Miro and myself, and certainly part of our preparations for out trip. We both have approached these last couple of months with an open heart, being as conscious as possible and acutely aware of the tremendous gift we’ve been given and know how friendship really feels. It’s nice. Now, it’s going to be sad to leave here, feel like another home we are leaving, but alas, I am reminded of what’s in front of us versus what’s behind us.

Again, our gratitude for this act of kindness is insurmountable and has the hope of keeping this gift in my heart, always. People can be kind and giving to each other, people have the amazing ability to connect with one another.


  1. LandingStanding 12 years ago

    T: One of the most unexpected things that traveling longterm has taught me is the value of less. It is an amazing sight to see your home packed away in boxes, but also incredibly liberating. Fun to look back after awhile on the road!

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